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  Digital Sales Division    
  Cloudfund SMe    
  Sellers now have a new Sales Division    
When a Seller wants more sales the immediate conclusion is to look at advertising, and, to make it more of an incentive the discounting is added for some extra boost  -  but it all still costs.

Cloudfunding brings together the functions of free advertising and free selling into a new department  -  Digital Sales Division.

Sellers have access to the Seller's Exchange Market to provide the connection to buy and sell with other Sellers,  and being able to collect and earn FEV to use as new funding of their business,  instead of costly options.

Attracting Buyers has taken a giant leap with AS - Automated Selling,  where Sellers only need to list products and services,  and by the next day can have all the stock sold at full Selling Prices to local Buyers  -  the Digital Sales Division can be pro-active in that result.

Sellers have access to Outsourced Selling to list inventory for free to gain the advantage of cascading Buying Prices  -  then there's the sales payments that can be liquidated at the Seller's cash register with QwickP2P  -  all controlled via the Sellers Console

It gives SMEs the tools and the economic platform to compete with the 800lb gorillas that have taken the profitability out of Main Street  -  tools like the Queen Bee Loyalty program that does more than get customers loyalty,  it gives the businesses access to new capital flows.

  QwickPic Ready
Queen Bee

It moves past the social media talk, and gives businesses real constructive marketing to drive sales to their store, it also provides new income streams that connect to their local commerce and global productivity in the New Economy.

Cloudfunding Industries change the way Commerce and Trade flows in the New Economy with a totally new alliance of local economies that can drive sales with new market economics.

Sellers have the advantage to Outsourced Selling and have Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising - SODA to ubiquitously spread invitations across borders to connect to the Global Crowd through Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ), to guarantee sales.

Free Economic Value

Smart Contracts are formed by Sellers in the Outsourced Selling process, locking in the full selling prices and holding the value in escrow until a Seller's final Buyer buys with Price Demand, at the price they want to pay.

Sellers can now be pro-active in reaching across borders to collect Cloudfunds from inventories listed by other Sellers and use the free working capital in their own strategy to participate in bidding for Deals, and in turn validate more UDC in their account.

Sellers can be one of many Open Market Makers ( OMMs ) operating as market makers that help process the inventories of products and services on the Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX, even their own inventory Deals

Scale is everything and Free Economic Value has it

Businesses can effectively collect Free Economic Value 24/7 to expand their business venture using the tools on the Platform, the more Cloudfunds that are collected, the more scale they can achieve.

For the time a business takes to apply and get approved for finance through financial channels, any amount of Free Economic Value could be collected and used in strategies being pro-active in getting more sales, even getting better prices from suppliers.

Forever businesses have been at the mercy of the business cycles and economy, now businesses can make their own future by having more predictability with sales, and in doing so find a better financial position that they can control  -  every business has surplus inventory that's sitting idle, Outsourced Selling can get it sold and put funds in the till, without discounting.

For any business, there shouldn't be a situation where stock is left on the shelf or in boxes out the back when Outsourced Selling and Price Demand available to use for free.

The Digital Economy works differently to the Old Economy where the Seller, the Supply side of Commerce, was always used as the sacrificial lamb, meaning that the Supply side was the one to take the risks in finding the right price that the Buyers would accept  -  the method of finding the equilibrium between Supply and Demand has new rules where both sides have a winning situation that is tracked and captured in the Global Chamber of Economies.

The volume of Free Economic Value on the Platform is governed by the inventories of products and services constantly being validated world wide.

Time to collect Cloudfunds would in a majority of cases be far quicker and more flexible than applying for loans and far cheaper.

Sometimes it can take weeks to gain some types of finance, what Cloudfunding does is provide the way to continually have access to free working capital, which can shift a business away from using costly financing methods.

Using a Digital Sales Division directs its focus on continually earning Free Economic Value  -  Cloudfunds, and using it to strategize in helping to Outsource the Selling of their own products as well as other Sellers  

-  it means that the inventory is constantly flowing,

-  it eliminates the need to offer 30 day trading terms to customers

-  it can move all along the Supply Chains, eliminating 30 day trading terms with Suppliers.

Global tracking of Ownership

When FEV is released it's tracked using RingLink technology, which becomes the authentication and auditing layer of Cloudfunding.

RingLink tracking and auditing

SMEs gain from new Capital flowing from local economic equity ownership

See more on how decentralizing the shareholder model increases new Capital flows to SMEs

Automated Selling - AS    -    'one day stock and sell turn-around' is here

Instead of having a flat and controlling experience where Sellers list products and services with discounts that leaves the Buyers with a take it or leave it offer  -  QwickPic gives all Sellers a level playing field where they are guaranteed to get the full Selling Prices while giving the Buyers the excitement of paying the price they are willing to spend.

There's no need for Sellers to gear up for a day of massive discounting to draw in customers, now Sellers can offer a new experience for Buyers with massive discounting everyday without losing any profit from discounting, without paying fees and charges or advertising costs.

The day is now here where Sellers list their inventory one day and over-nite the Outsourced Selling process is completed, and by the next morning the inventory is ready for the Seller to release the products or services to the local Buyers  -  the Price Demand finds the true demand Online with the local Buyers, which only needs the Customer Service staff to look after the deliveries and pickups.

Free Delivery is able to be added to product deals to suit the Seller's market requirements.

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Businesses have all the usual tools to keep track of their activity on their QwickP2P Business Account, on desktop and mobile.

Free Advertising is now Free Economic Value, a Global Digital Commerce Currency  -  Cloudfunds

-  it's a limitless resource, it's available locally and globally, it's free to earn, it's free working capital, it has no interest or fees, it never needs to be paid back, it's fully accountable, it can't be destroyed or multiplied, it's intrinsically tied to true local and global productivity

-  it's globally ubiquitous, perpetual and scalable in real time  -  part of the Cashless World.

There's no collateral required, nor is there any lose of equity for businesses or personally to use Free Economic Value to scale a business, it's up to the business to know how far they want to scale their business.

The additional benefits to Cloudfunding is the flow of trade especially between Suppliers along the Supply Chains is that there's no trading terms of 30, 60 or 90 days, or credit used in payments, every exchange is made in real time and debt free, local or global.

ComTechX provides the tools  -  it's up to the business to work out their own strategy.

Automatically flows into Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios

With all commerce activity on the Platform each product and service that's processed with Outsourced Selling and Buying activity  -  it's linked back through to the Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios from where all Users can build a collection of Location Tokens and gain a share of the Location Activity Tax collected and distributed across all the global activity in real time.


There are only a few steps for Sellers to add their inventory to the Platform before starting to getting predictable sales.

             1.  Upload images of the products or services with details like the full Selling Prices, and shipping details

             2.  Start collecting and earning Cloudfunds and get ready to use it as free working capital

             3.  Sellers can begin to use the Cloudfunds to bid for deals of other Sellers or for their own deals

             4.  Sellers can earn from winning deals as an OMM ( Open Market Maker ) to increase their cashflow

             5.  As Sellers get deals processed and collected, the digital capital exchanged can be liquidated with Pay It Forward, Now!

Outsourced Selling
               1.  Sellers list their inventory of products and services at the full Selling Prices
Cloudfunds  -  the Free Economic Value - FEV is earned and collected simply by viewing QwickPics
The small value collected from the Seller's inventory is pooled as the Cloudfunds currency and used in bidding for items
It's free working capital that a Buyer can use to try and win deals, or use as one of the OMM business entities
Strategy is to add Cloudfunds for the majority of bids  -  UDC, the digital cash currency is added to 'stay alive' to win deals
Outsourced Selling  -  as inventory is processed with the bidding it's either won by a local Buyer or an OMM
Global Payments  -  if a local Buyer wins, a code releases payment, if an OMM wins then Price Demand apply
The item's payment value is collected during the bidding and held in escrow to complete the purchase, free of all fees

    Platform Sphere                  Productivity Chain

All businesses have the need for additional funds and while the free working capital can be earned and used to build sales, there's also an additional way for extra funding with Free Direct Backing.

Businesses have their UDI Portfolios that have additional advantages of gaining from the effort of all the trading by others around the world, including the benefit of not paying fees or currency exchange margins.

Businesses looking for a more diverse customer acquisition and loyalty program need to check out the Queen Bee Project.

The Platform has an incentive option that could solve issue for many businesses and startups, it provides the incentive to draw talent to a business without releasing equity but still gaining loyalty and productivity  -  Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program.

    Producers / Growers / Parts Manufacturers Manufacturers / Processors Retailers / Dealers    
       Producers    Manufacturers    Retailers

Just as the amount of Cloudfunds that anyone can collect is unlimited, so too are the number of Deals unlimited that anyone or any Business can participate in.

A Business participates with other OMMs  -  Open Market Makers, that act just like any other wholesale business in competing to win Deals - whenever an OMM wins a Deal they earn over 60% more than what their winning bid was.

Here's an example of a small range of Deals that an OMM can operate with during the Lead-Up Time.

With all Deals there's a limit to the number of OMMs that can participate, the small time of 30 seconds to a minute it takes to register and set the 'Cloudfund' strategies shows the scale of what a Business can do to broaden their income streams.

When the economies of scale are applied to what a Business can do as an OMM, then the impact of what a new Sales Department can have for a Business, begins to open up.

Setting aside half an hour in this new Digital Sales Division could change a business's complete outlook and future, it moves past the time when a business waited for the customer to come through the door, now businesses can drive the local commerce.

With brick and mortar stores there are many avenues to get closer to sales in the local environment, there's the usual signage and windows that foot and vehicle traffic pass by, which can have the business's Global ID displayed to broaden a business's digital profile.

Local customers can link to a business's Global ID and get alerts in their mobile Notifications when a business lists QwickPic Deals.

Much of a business's time can be spent invoicing and chasing payments but what QwickPic Deals and QwickPay payments does is, it avoids the terms and credit system by changing to real time payments.

Much like the Yellow Pages did in the past but with a real time connection, when a business registers with QwickPic they have use of Our Store for listing products and services the business trades in, it automatically updates with QwickPic Deals that may be running.

With the Our Store's free service, a business can list any amount of inventory and offer it directly to site visitors, it's most useful for easy listing for QwickPic Deals and when a buyer uses QwickPay  -  Pay Here to purchase in either a 'brick and mortar' store or in 'Our Store' using the automatic discount.

On the Platform there's no targeting ( ads ) or providing details to any other party, ( other than suspected illegal activity ).

What the Platform has for businesses to increase customer acquisition is the Queen Bee Project.

If it's loyalty from staff in an existing business or Startup, there's the Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program.


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groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting   -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   +   more

    Sits In A Unique Position    
The Global Markets or the Platform doesn't hold any monies, it securely holds all the records of ownerships of the traded products and services, values and Location Units.

-  the interaction between Buyers and Sellers at the local level via productivity, continually validates those values, globally

Any User can freely buy and sell Units in any location, including where they reside,

-  it provides an open transparent 'free market' structure that's the foundation in forming the Global Markets within the overall Digital Free Trade and Commerce platform

-  the commerce activity in each location around the world, continually gets updated with each location's earnings in real time

-  for each commerce action there's a LAT ( Location Activity Tax  -  Global Wealth Tax ) debited as part of the distributed revenue

-  this revenue is distributed globally to every Location's Unit held in the various User Portfolios, in real time.

The User Portfolio is the Digital Era's version of the Bank Account  -  where Users hold, spend and strategize with their wealth.

That wealth is spendable globally, without fees or exchange costs  -  it finally makes remittances a natural part of the Free Market.


Supply and Demand

A more structural incentive is the 'Heroes Challenge' - a challenge for global Buyers and Sellers.

                                                               Turn Back The Clock

QwickPass   Events covers many areas from music, sports, conventions, they are often held in stadiums, fields or big halls.

All cost to operate and that usually comes down to ticketing, sponsors and advertising to help pay the bills.

What QwickPic and Free Advertising can do is connect it all together into a more productive event.

Ticketing and Sponsored Events can provide a way to get past some of the early cost obstacles.

Where advertising is the cream for the event, then QwickPic's Free Advertising will meet the challenge.

Whether it's advertisements in a program or signs erected around the stadium, QwickPic can be used.

If a Marketing Agent is involved, there's a unique monitizing model, the agent is paid a % for every unit sold.

The percentages aren't deducted from what a Seller gets, it comes from the global scale of the New Economy.

In the case of advertising signs, businesses advertising can list a number of products or services in advance

Then to add a more direct response, the business could place a Deal code on the fixed sign, just for the day.

Many stadiums have electronic screens that change during the event, these are ideal to play with the crowd.

As advertisements change and show specific Deal codes for the event, the crowd can use their mobile.

The crowd can either use their 'team' to earn from the Deals or register to try and win Deals of Milk or Petrol.

As the crowd directly engages in real time, they can alert the Global Crowd and the viral marketing begins

In just a few minutes a small local crowd could multiply local productivity using economies of scale.

The crowd will use time at events, shopping or watching tv being productive, as natural as charging a mobile.

Advertising can now be interactive, those fixed signs everywhere, can now be 'activated' by passing traffic.

It can be initiated with QwickPic displays, similar to IA  -  Interactive Advertising that can be set into various mediums

Crowd members are passively engaging in 'local productivity' in the New Economy while enjoying their lifestyle.

For local Sellers selling Milk or Petrol  -  could they ever have imaged a global crowd helping with the selling.

It's like the USA Super Bowl half time advertising, only it's happening locally, everywhere  -  and it's all free.

This real time engagement is what could be seen as the holy grail of marketing  -  being able to close a sale

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