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                   If your business needs reliable sales and cashflows, then you need local demand!

"You can't have real local demand without a competitive advantage!"

What if sellers have the chance automate the selling of their inventories at guaranteed full selling prices, every time
-  while buyers have the chance to compete to buy as prices cascade down to 20% of the full selling prices  .  .  is that competitive?

Local Demand is not your typical Online marketplace

It's a fully digitized economic platform that specifically focuses on stimulating local productivity by merging Main Street with Online Sellers  -  and its two main targets  -  to maximize profitability for the seller, and maximize affordability for the buyer, simultaneously.

Local Demand has an economic infrastructure that independently stimulates productivity down at the Main Street level through the power of a global crowd  -  where a democratic consensus drives productivity across an alliance of interconnected local economies

It's a new era in the way commerce is merged with technology at a deep reaching level, where a new domain around Supply and Demand is identified, and operates independently and autonomously in exchanging products and services between communities.

Technology finally ties genuine productivity that's exchanged across local economies, with a universally accountable value, in real time  -  reducing the reliance on credit, instead, generates real economic growth in the real economy, with real productivity.

It comes with a new business model that liquidates the economic value in SME inventories into new cash flows!

  Advertising is reinvented so it's a free universal currency  
  It monetizes SME inventories through subliminal advertising Seller inventory
The role that online users have played for so long, as 'the product', is flipped
around so users are now 'the benefactors' of free digital capital that flows
through subliminal advertising  -  and used as free working capital.
  No fees, it's all free!
Instead of paying fees to have a business front to sell inventory, then still pay
to get the customers  -  Local Demand does it all, for free!
  How's that possible?
Local Demand is part of an economic platform that sits above all the B2B, B2C
and D2C marketplaces  -  with deep-tracking mechanics to stimulate commerce between Supply and Demand using the internet's global crowd
  It opposes big techs use of surveillance
There's no surveillance tracking or targeted advertising like big tech uses for
their main income source  -  the platform has an economic structure that gains
the operating revenue to support the free services offered to buyers and sellers.
  How far does it 'reach'?
It starts with sellers listing their inventory at the full selling prices, and then a
process takes over automating the selling, all the way to sellers handing over
the products or services  -  even the full payment process is included.
  The economic infrastructure is termed, 'Cloudfunding'
ComTechX as the industry with the Cloudfunding platform automates selling but
still brings an environment of 'serendipity' to the market with Price Demand where
it gives buyers the chance to compete to buy with cascading buying prices.
What is Cloudfunding solving?
Bottleneck in local economies Even before COVID-19, there was an inequality issue around the distribution
of wealth throughout many of the world's economies  -  now, that inequality will
be exacerbated in local economies because of the 'survival mode' that many
businesses will encounter, and be forced to incrementally increase discounting
to gain the limited number of customers that will look for affordable prices.

The dilemma is increased when the lack of profits reduce the investment in
plant and jobs, looping back to slower consumer spending and tax revenues.

What Cloudfunding does is it changes the mechanics in commerce by shifting
Productivity to the leading catalyst as a means to generate activity between
Supply and Demand, instead of selling Credit and Debt.

It's a deleveraging system for communities, which utilizes the economic value
in local inventories without relying on credit to stimulate consumer spending
 -  it monetizes the supply side using the aggregate demand of 'completed'
productivity, before supply is even released to buyers on the demand side  - 
it increases sales with full profits while giving buyers greater buying power.

It redesigns the markets between Supply and Demand with an accountable
system that's indelibly tied to the intrinsic value of real productivity  -  it's set
with a productive standard, which is the governing mechanism that validates
and monetizes the next flow of inventories using the global aggregate demand.

By directing global aggregate demand to monetize new inventories, it avoids
the economic losses that local economies suffer when local sellers collectively
discount  -  just 30% continuous discounting can lead to local downturns.

Cloudfunding maximizes profitability with Outsourced Selling for sellers, and
maximizes affordability for buyers with Price Demand's cascading buying prices.
Our changing world will no longer be about who controls the money but who controls productivity!
Free funding for SMEs CloudfundMe
CloudfundMe fills the void SMEs often find themselves in when looking for
funding to expand their business, traditionally relying on bank lending.

In recent years the crowdfunding phenomenon has provided startups with
early funding  -  and this is where CloudfundMe takes over to help startups
and established SMEs with funding to expand their markets.

With the majority of SMEs failing in the first two to five years, CloudfundMe
changes the dynamics by giving SMEs access to free funding.

Just as sellers can take advantage of the Queen Bee program, global users
can also build out their own portfolio of location units, with each unit held by
users gaining an equal share of a real time activity tax.

The connection between sellers and buyers meets when the user buys the
units in a location, that payment is directly paid to the active sellers located
in that local economy  -  this is where CloudfundMe gives SMEs the chance
to increase their cashflows and direct investment back into their businesses.

When the users make their purchase, they can select industries and even
businesses in those locations when deciding where their payments go  - 
this places businesses on notice in how a business is viewed on issues like
climate change, etc, generally having a good corporate citizen reputation.
Seller Inventory
  Want to be the first to 'kickstart' your local economy?

Cloudfunding Local Economic Model
SMEs can get in early to help establish the new local economies that will change
how the real economy works with economy to economy activity!

A Main St business can register their interest in starting their own local economy,
and gain from outsourcing their inventories and the advantage of CloudfundMe.

Business begin with a Queen Bee program to help establish their customer base
and their market  -  then as other businesses join in, it exponentially multiplies
the number of customers across the world for each business.

Instead of local SMEs being the collateral damage each time the economy turns
for the worse, SMEs can now navigate through the repetitious down-turns that
the financial system is stuck with using credit.

Cloudfunding is structured so SMEs operate in an autonomous domain between
Supply and Demand, where they're the principle stimulators in the local economy,
where their inventories generate new capital flows between buyers and sellers,
eliminating intermediaries and rentier fees that're siphoned from local economies.

Sellers can track their inventory's progress in a Digital Sales Division in real time,
where they have access to a Business Account and Console.

With years of testing, Cloudfunding is now being rolled out to local economies
and SMEs with an economic infrastructure that can sustain economic growth.

There are no contacts, no control or hold over the inventory  -  what ties a seller
is the trust they have with local buyers when products and services are handed
over and when user payments liquidate sales so users can fund their accounts.
Expression of interest are open for SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc in the Queen Bee loyalty program.
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buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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Users hold more power than they're credited  
  Working from home isn't limited to big business directing their workers to
work from home, it's the new freelance work environment.

In Cloudfunding the global user is taken to a new level of inclusiveness by
having access to an environment that gives individuals the independence
to earn and help local economies, either by themselves or with a team.

It operates with three main actors, the seller, the buyer, and the global
crowd, who are OMMs, Open Market Makers who help create the markets
for businesses in local economies, where real productivity takes place.

Cloudfunding reverse-engineers the advertising model by tapping the
economic value in the local seller inventories, and distributing it to global
users as free working capital.

SMEs are primarily decentralized issuers of an intrinsic digital currency
that's tied, governed and validated back to genuine commodities ( local inventories ), and freely exchanged with other sovereign currencies from
foreign economies using a neutral and ubiquitous universally distributed
 -  a fully accountable modern day version of the gold standard.

The economic value is subliminally distributed to global users in micro-
values in a free app using deep tracking tech, with an Opt-in/out feature.

This free digital capital is used in a democratic bidding type process that
monetizes seller inventories, and, validates it into spendable capital.
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      the era of the local economic stakeholder is here
OMM - Open Market Maker Local Demand offers users a simple on-ramp to join local SMEs in getting local
commerce stimulated with Cloudfunding.

From just a simple app, users can continually collect FDC and use it to set their
strategies for local and global SME inventories  -  users can set their account to
automatically operate passively in the background in specific countries, cities,
local economies, industries and businesses, or be hands-on.

Local users can be active as an OMM to help monetize local SME products and
services while still helping to drive global SMEs in their local economies.

Users benefit from sharing the global aggregate demand payments, which flows
back to users who can use it in commerce with SMEs in local economies.

Never have local users been able to get together and collectively drive local
productivity as they can with Cloudfunding  -  and then to have even greater
buying power with Price Demand's cascading buying prices.

There's so many ways that users can be proactive in their local economies with
Cloudfunding that it shifts users from local consumers to local stakeholders.

This new era of the economic equity stakeholders in local economies, is one
that will have a greater impact on local productivity than shareholders will ever
have in backing local companies.

As post COVID workforces move away from a labour intensive participation, the
focus now is for digital workforces to get established that offer a greater impact
on local economies  -  and close the gap that automation will continue to open
up as it takes over the old workloads.
Cloudfunding gives buyers a new experience
by digitizing traditional cash commerce
.  .  with PIFN!
Pay It Forward, Now!
.  .  giving buyers the advantage of cascading buying prices
Blue Dot     .  .  it gives SMEs the benefits of cash sales, without the costly payment services Blue Dot     .  . it gives buyers the chance to buy products and services at prices they want to pay  -  with cascading buying prices  
    read more   read more  
.  .  using a neutral and ubiquitous P2P universal capital
with no intermediaries, no merchant fees, listing fees, currency spreads or commissions, or any buyer payment fees or charges
Anything that can be quantified and priced can be Cloudfunded

Local Demand directly focuses on selling volumes of local seller inventories instead of selling incumbent services.
Cloudfunding disrupts many of commerce's functions that've been added onto the process of selling Supply to Demand.
Incumbents like advertising and marketplaces, all the way to payment services are all being disrupted by Cloudfunding.
Cloudfunding changes the rules around advertising and commerce

Advertising gets flipped around so that it's used as a decentralized mechanism to universally distribute the local economic value.
It changes from an unaccountable ad display service flooding the internet, to a deeply-tracked value that's fully accountable.
It shifts the focus on using productivity as the stimulus to drive commerce directly across borders, without using credit and debt.
Merges Main Street and Online into a ubiquitous ecosystem

The value in SME inventories is finally recognized as an economic value that can transform small enterprises into giant killers.
SMEs even become the 'new local banks' just by using their inventories to connect with other SMEs across local economies.
Local SMEs gain a competitive advantage over big box competitors with a greater social impact on the local economy.

Queen Bee brings economies of scale Queen Bee Loyalty Program
As with all businesses there's a constant drive for customer acquisition  - 
what the platform has is Queen Bee, an interconnected customer loyalty
and collaboration program that allows businesses to utilize their existing
customer base, and, take advantage of a much broader base of
customers from other global businesses, with the benefit of greater sales.

The platform is not a deposit taking institution ( ADI ), so it's able to take
advantage as an economic stimulator of local productivity to track and
index the productivity across local economies  -  allowing users to
become stakeholders in the economic equity in local economies.

This real time tracking of productivity in local economies forms a new
type of people power where individuals can operate independently to
help drive commercial activity in thousands of local economies through
being an OMM, an Open Market Maker.

This real time activity is dove-tailed into a universally distributed income
program that any global user can collect and build out a portfolio of
locations from around the world, earning from the activity wealth tax.

A major advantage of the Queen Bee program is the connection with the
global users  -  when a user adds to their own
UDI portfolio by buying
location units, those payments are directed to the active businesses
located in those locations.

This is where CloudfundMe gives SMEs the chance to increase their
cashflows and direct investment back into their businesses.
Cloudfunding - New Economic Flows
.  .  read more on the mechanics                                        


If your business needs reliable sales and cashflows, then you need local demand!

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