DeCom ComTechX                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
DeCom - decentralized commerce
Commerce has had only a few major innovations since the ancient time when local traders exchanged 'chickens for loaves of bread'
Today's digital tech brings back that commodity-based connection between money and Commerce
But today's gold isn't feasible as a base-value, but deep reaching tech can now bring a much more versatile commodity to the market
DeCom brings back the true connection of the 'economic value' in products and services to make productivity the true unit of exchange
.  .  linking local economies along a global network of digital economic highways with a ubiquitous Universally Distributed ( economic ) Capital
There are now 2 worlds!
.  .  with the new digital world tapping the old world of its economic value
-  it bridges the gap from the physical world to the digital world, by collateralizing the 'idle' economic value in local economies
-  it redefines how capital flows will now move between local economies along economic highways into the digital economy
-  it offers global users a way to participate as a decentralized node to help monetize and validate Universally Distributed Capital
-  it gives users access to real value by directly helping generate productivity, and gain from a local economy's economic growth!
Productivity is now a leading catalyst in Commerce  -  challenging years of debt-based finance
It decentralizes control and brings it back to the sellers and buyers with the help of global market makers! 
It challenges the exchange mechanism between supply and demand by separating the two markets
Outsourced Demand
It brings profitability to the supply side and affordability to the demand side, simultaneously
Decentralized Commerce moves products and services directly from marketing to payments between buyers and sellers
There's now an exchange of economic value ownership flowing between supply and demand, while directly tied to the real economy!
Productivity is borderless  -  with the decentralized economic value moving freely between economies
.  .  as a tokenized universally distributed ( economic ) capital, that's constantly stimulating growth!
DeCom ( Cloudfunding ) introduces the mechanisms similar to the role that the Glass-Steagall Act had on the world's economic growth, which
the US introduced in 1933 to separate commercial activity from the speculative financial industry  -  heralding in decades of more evenly
distributed prosperity and the greatest genuine economic growth across many countries in the mid 20th Century.
DeCom changes the dynamics of economies with a productivity-based ecosystem
.  .  making the economic value a true currency that's governed by the real economy's productivity!
Cloudfunding Dynamics
Seller networks are the new interconnected highways of commerce in the new digital economy
Instead of third parties controlling commerce's status quo, merchants now have the means of networking together ubiquitously and globally
Sellers hold huge volumes of collateral in their inventories that continually back the economic values moving between buyers and sellers
Decentralized Commerce gives control back to merchants to trade directly with buyers without third party costs in fees and spreads
Cloudfunding Piping
Commerce is the beating heart of all local economies
  Productivity in commerce is all centered around trade between sellers and buyers in local economies.

Productivity has never been tapped to back an international unit of account capable of governing value moving between supply and demand in real time commerce  -  in fact the world hasn't seen any type of commodity-based backing of a global currency since 1971 when the world dramatically shifted from a gold backed system to fiat currencies.

Now with deep reaching technology the economic value in productivity is able to both govern the volume of an international unit of account moving in the market, and be tied back to an alliance of Main Street sellers ( and online sellers ), and all sellers in all industries in local economies.

This shift challenges the status quo, which for decades has been centered around credit and business cycles, now, there's a paradigm shift to a decentralized control that's spread across global users who individually can push global investment to directly stimulate productivity across industries in a local economy  -  then share the economic growth with users from thousands of interconnected local economies.

Now every location with a zip / post code can be tokenized and be individually listed on a market index platform to track productivity generated in each local economy  -  global stakeholders now have a platform to track and analyze real-time activity in these tokens, where they have a direct insight on where to help stimulate local productivity, and drive local economic growth.

With today's technology and capabilities of online networking, a decentralized local economic market index platform ( DeLE Markets ) will for the first time provide access to a new generation of open markets  -  offering a bottom-up grassroots approach with a real-time control over local economic growth by the global crowd.

DeCom, under the Cloudfunding umbrella aggregates sovereign fiat currencies and crypto-currencies into an economic platform that fills the void left open by the internet  -  the internet has always been missing the economic infrastructure that merges Main Street with Online  -  now with deep reaching technology, decentralized commerce stands ready to lift all boats across local economies.
Location Sign
Claim a Zip or Post Code for naming rights to a local economy
Every Zip and Post Code can be a DAE - decentralized autonomous economy
SMEs in local economies are your link to a universal store of value

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Cloudfunding dissolves competition between currencies into an ubiquitous P2P means of exchange
Legacy incumbents centered around selling money are redundant when P2P's UDC exchanges are free of fees and spreads
Sovereign and Crypto currency values are based on market trading and speculative returns, and traded through exchanges  -
whereas Cloudfunding is based on UDC gaining linear growth tied to productivity, which's shared with location stakeholders
Users can be pro-active in economies and gain from linear growth
Economic Linear Growth

Local Economy Activity
Cloudfunding drives economic stimulus directly into local economies
Cloudfunding isn't banking, or currency and cryptocurrency trading, it isn't venture capital or crowdfunding, or speculation
in shares of companies  -  it's a global ecosystem with an economic infrastructure that's for the public good, with long-term
social benefits that come by giving the real economy's local small business enterprises a real voice  -  one with the means
to directly stimulate consumer demand for products and services sitting idle in their local economies.

-  its economic architecture works from the grassroots up giving local SMEs a new funding and cashflow business model
that's fully sustainable and autonomous from the old economy's incumbents and debt-based system  -  it's dove-tailed
with a universal distribution of economic wealth that changes how real productive growth in the real economy is shared
equally by stakeholders with the economic equity of local economies, off-setting the devaluation of local currencies.
Cloudfunding Mechanics
Every Zip and Post Code can be a DAE - decentralized autonomous economy
Infinite Loop
Cloudfunding challenges the status quo by giving SMEs a neutral autonomous domain!
The internet is decentralized, so too should Commerce  -  all the way from selling to buying
DeCom  -  Decentralized Commece
.  .  sellers simply want to sell, and buyers want a simple way to pay, like paying cash in Main Street
Record of all types of transactions are entered chronologically onto a distributed ledger
RingLink Tech
.  .  providing a secure way to execute exchange of ownership of products and services!
Introduction Video Library                              
Now every local economy can establish a free open market economic zone
.  .  where productivity is tapped for its economic value and exchanged in e2eCommerce!
Queen Bee Loyalty Program
We're all linked economically by network effects!
.  .  it's all due to SMEs in local economies!

   .  .  local SMEs are the real
   connection in the real world!
      Local SMEs typically employ more workers than big business around the world

     .  .  they add more to the economy  -  but they're often treated as collateral damage!
 .  .  local demand needs scalability                     
     That's where Cloudfunding comes in!

Cloudfunding is built on economic and social connections along utility networks
How it works
Local SME inventories hold unlimited collateral, more than enough to back local economic growth, world wide!

The banking system has ignored SMEs and their inventory's local economic value, for its true value!

.  .  that local economic value is now being tapped as collateral to back global productivity!

.  .  it's the real economy's universally backed productivity, controlled by local communities!
Cloudfunding makes it so simple for sellers to use
with   No Fees
   No Commissions
   No Advertising costs
   No Contracts
   No Currency Spreads
   No more Market Places taking profits
   No more Payment Provider charges
Just a simple process using a mobile to add a photo, full selling price and description!
SMEs, are you tired of Marketplaces taking your profits?
Main Street SMEs can now take back control, so profits stay local!
Price Demand        Price Demand        Price Demand
SMEs can now go direct to consumers (D2C) with Cloudfunding!
A simple overview of Cloudfunding local commerce in the real economy

Cloudfunding is an economic platform that enables sellers to list their inventories, and through a global distribution and validation process
it automates selling  -  that's when sellers can liquidate sales at fully guaranteed selling prices after giving buyers the chance to pay only
what they want to pay  -  the speed and predictability of getting sales, without discounts or fees, gives local sellers an unprecedented
competitive advantage.

The key outcome of Cloudfunding for sellers is the automation of selling their inventories at full selling prices, and giving buyers the chance to buy
at prices they want to pay as the buying prices cascade down to 20% of the full selling prices, without it affecting the seller's full margins.
For SMEs there's now a totally new economic alliance of local economies
Chamber of Economies

SMEs have a new cash flow model!

Commerce has traditionally run on the financial system's rails but technology has advanced so much so that a more direct
system can now operate independently between an alliance of local economies using the economic value of inventories.

Instead of being a debt-based local economy using credit created by the financial system, SMEs can use their inventories'
'idle capacity' to monetize sales  -  this makes SMEs the new 'local bank' where they gain user trust as they liquidate sales
with users wanting to fund their accounts  -  keeping the velocity of local currencies flowing around communities.

SMEs have the decentralized network to release the stimulus into local economies

Cloudfunding has an economic infrastructure that independently stimulates productivity down at the Main Street level
through the power of a global crowd.

It's a new era in merging commerce with technology at the grassroots level with deep reaching technology, where a new
domain around Supply and Demand operates independently and autonomously exchanging products and services.

Technology finally ties real productivity with a neutral universally accountable value in real time across local economies  -
  reducing the reliance on credit, and instead, generates real economic growth in the real economy with real productivity.

Cloudfunding gives Main Street the tech-smarts to level the playing field!
Economic Layout
capital flows freely between buyers and sellers within the domain
global users can now operate like commodity traders
.  .  directly stimulating any local economy's productivity on a global scale as an OMM
While governments and central banks move towards currency wars to support their economies
.  .  each hoping to re-energize local consumer demand to avoid deflation  -  unfortunately not everyone benefits
Local economies can isolate from this volatility  -  where users stimulate demand and productivity
.  .  as part of a decentralized open market maker network that can directly monetize local seller inventories
Cloudfunding flips the balance of payments for a better equilibrium
Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital
giving local economies continual effervescence in market activity
Claim Your Local Economy!
Your Location.ChamberOfEconomies.Online
Every Zip Code and Post Code representing a town, city and region in a state and country around the world has a local economy
that allows commerce to work between sellers and buyers  -  local economies come in all sizes but the dynamics all work the same.

Decentralized local economies give control to local communities!

As more local economies get established, the greater the interconnection between local and foreign economies, forming a true
global consensus in generating productivity via a democratic flow of capital moving from foreign economies into a seller's economy.

Size of local economies is often been seen as 'the bigger the better', but that changes with Cloudfunding's dynamics, where economic
capital is directed into any size local economy to stimulate demand for local products and services equally across all size towns and cities.

Local communities, both businesses and consumers, can be proactive by helping to stimulate local productivity, and even interconnected
economies as Open Market Makers ( miners ), sharing in the benefits as economic equity stakeholders, when capital flows into economies.

Claim a Zip or Post Code for naming rights to a local economy
Be first to claim your local economy!

Any local Seller can be the first business or group of local businesses to claim their local economy and list their local region onto
the Decentralized Local Economic Market Index, as part of the Global Chamber Of Economies.
Expression of interest are open for SMEs and business groups to list their local economy in the Global Chamber Of Economies!
    Want to know about FOMEZ? Know More    
-  SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc can all take advantage of the Queen Bee loyalty program.
buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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As the world moves to a deflationary and liquidity trap period, local economies need a backup plan
.  .  local economies can now be productivity-based economies and avoid the increasing debt cycles
Having Productivity as the leading catalyst governs the flow of real capital moving in local economies!
Productivity  -  the leading catalyst
universally distributed incomes share the growth of local economies
Cloudfunding shifts away from the feudal financial system of central control to open economies of decentralized users
Global consensus
  Rules in Commerce are not set in stone  
Local economies have a unique economic value that can now be tapped and used as a universal trading value
.  .  distributed freely to all corners of the world, this new capital flow can stimulate demand in any economy
.  .  unlike debt-based economies this new capital flow can trade freely across borders, without incurring debt
.  .  distributing a share of the global economic growth down to local economies through decentralized users
The era of the local economic stakeholder is here
OMM - Open Market Maker Local Demand offers users a simple on-ramp to join local SMEs in getting local
commerce stimulated with Cloudfunding.

From just a simple app, users can continually collect FDC and use it to set their
strategies for local and global SME inventories  -  users can set their account to
automatically operate passively in the background in specific countries, cities,
local economies, industries and businesses, or be hands-on.

OMMs are the new traders in town

Local users can be active as an OMM to help monetize local SME products and
services while still helping to drive global SMEs in their local economies.

Users benefit from sharing the global aggregate demand payments, which flows
back to users who can use it in commerce with SMEs in local economies.

Never have local users been able to get together and collectively drive local
productivity as they can with Cloudfunding  -  and then to have even greater
buying power with Price Demand's cascading buying prices.

There's so many ways that users can be proactive in their local economies with
Cloudfunding that it shifts users from local consumers to local stakeholders.

Decentralized markets use productivity as backing

This new era of the economic equity stakeholders in local economies, is one
that will have a greater impact on local productivity than shareholders will ever
have in backing local companies.

As post COVID workforces move away from a labour intensive participation, the
focus now is for digital workforces to get established that offer a greater impact
on local economies  -  and close the gap that automation will continue to open
up as it takes over the old workloads.

Cloudfunding democratizes inclusion for everyone to sell, trade and buy
Cloudfunding's economic engine is a decentralized open market
Economic Engine
SMEs have new cashflows to work with in the new economy
Seller Inventory
SMEs are 'the new local banks' with collateral to back the universal unit of account
What is Cloudfunding solving?
Bottleneck in local economies The Inequality around the distribution of wealth in many of the world's
economies is increasing  -  and that will escalate as businesses are
forced to discount to gain the limited customers looking for lower prices.

The dilemma is increased when lower profits reduce investment in plant
and jobs, looping back to increased savings, slower consumer spending
and lower tax revenues, the ingredients for deflation  -  or inflation with
a lower currency value making goods and services cost more.

Cloudfunding shifts commerce's mechanics to place Productivity as the
leading catalyst to generate activity between Supply and Demand via
direct foreign capital flows, instead of selling credit and debt.

Deleveraging local economies

It deleverages communities by utilizing local economic value instead of
relying on credit to stimulate spending  -  it monetizes the supply side
using the aggregate demand of newly completed productivity.

Markets are redesigned between Supply and Demand with more focus
on accountability that's directly tied to the intrinsic economic value of
real productivity  -  it's set to a productive standard, which constantly
governs, validates and monetizes the next flow of inventories.

By directing aggregate demand to monetize new inventories, it avoids
losses in local economies when sellers collectively discount.

Cloudfunding maximizes seller profitability with Outsourced Selling,
and maximizes affordability with Price Demand's cascading prices.
  Want to 'kickstart' your local economy?

Cloudfunding Local Economic Model
SMEs can get in early to help establish the new local economies that will change
how the real economy works with economy to economy activity!

A Main St business can register their interest in starting their own local economy,
and gain from outsourcing their inventories and the advantage of CloudfundMe.

Business begin with a Queen Bee program to help establish their customer base
and their market  -  then as other businesses join in, it can exponentially multiply
the number of customers across the world for each business.

Instead of local SMEs being the collateral damage each time the economy turns
for the worse, SMEs can now navigate through the repetitious down-turns that
the financial system is stuck with using a debt based system.

Cloudfunding is structured so SMEs operate in an autonomous domain between
Supply and Demand, where they're the principle stimulators in the local economy,
where their inventories generate new capital flows between buyers and sellers,
eliminating intermediaries and rentier fees that're siphoned from local economies.

Sellers can track their inventory's progress in a Digital Sales Division in real time,
where they have access to a Business Account and Console.

There are no contacts, no control or hold over the inventory  -  what ties a seller
is the trust they have with local buyers when products and services are handed
over and when user payments liquidate sales so users can fund their accounts.
Expression of interest are open for SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc in the Queen Bee loyalty program.
    Want to know about FOMEZ? Know More    
buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
      Know More  
Queen Bee brings economies of scale Queen Bee Loyalty Program
As with all businesses there's a constant drive for customer acquisition  - 
what the platform has is Queen Bee, an interconnected customer loyalty
and collaboration program that allows businesses to utilize their existing
customer base, and, take advantage of a much broader base of
customers from other global businesses, with the benefit of greater sales.

The platform is not a deposit taking institution ( ADI ), so it's able to take
advantage as an economic stimulator of local productivity to track and
index the productivity across local economies  -  allowing users to
become stakeholders in the economic equity in local economies.

This real time tracking of productivity in local economies forms a new
type of people power where individuals can operate independently to
help drive commercial activity in thousands of local economies through
being an OMM, an Open Market Maker.

This real time activity is dove-tailed into a universally distributed income
program that any global user can collect and build out a portfolio of
locations from around the world, earning from the activity wealth tax.

A major advantage of the Queen Bee program is the connection with the
global users  -  when a user adds to their own
UDI portfolio by buying
location units, those payments are directed to the active businesses
located in those locations.

This is where CloudfundMe gives SMEs the chance to increase their
cashflows and direct investment back into their businesses.
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If your business needs reliable sales and cashflows, then you need local demand!

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