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Free Working Capital
Free Working Capital


it's fully accountable and ubiquitous monetization, it's the Internet's 'free working capital', it's free to collect, has no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

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Cloudfunds  -  Free Economic Value                                 Cloudfunds can scale for sellers and buyers
Advertising starts a new life
How Cloudfunds are earned                                                How does The Monetizing Moment work with Cloudfunds?
How to use Cloudfunds
How the bidding process works!                                         What is Cloudfunding and how does it work?

For the Digital Era to reshape how finance operates in real time, a new way in how individuals and businesses interact and exchange values is needed for Buyers and Sellers to connect Online to Offline  -  that's where the Global Chamber of Economies brings together all the players into a New Digital Economy.

The technology to support such an economic model needs sophisticated 'algorithmic economics' to track movement of micro values around the world in real time  -  and it needs a true value that can be accessed by everyone in real time.

Each product and service unit is individually commoditized and monitized when it is listed for Outsourced Selling  -  RingLink is a visualization of how products and services are listed and distributed across thousands of rings  -  basically the value is decentralized as it moves from ring to ring or in effect from economy to economy - e2eCommerce

Cloudfunds is a true value that's validated using global product and service inventories, it's free for anyone to collect and use to influence local demand in Commerce on a global scale  -  it has a social influence and it's quantifiable as social capital

Cloudfunds is the neutral international economic trading unit of account value and Cloudfunding is the service that Users can earn Cloudfunds for free, and use in setting their strategy to win products and services, small bids are automatically added from a User's QwickPay account if there's a need to add bids in any of the 5 Call stages to keep a User from being eliminated.

Open Market Makers  -  OMMs are the driving force that delivers the growth overall, while giving the individual OMM the freedom to earn as a business and to improve their lifestyle, it all adds up to local and global economic growth.

OMMs use Cloudfunds in strategies to compete in Outsourced Selling, which automatically attracts free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC to a Seller's local economy, which is played out on the Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX.

The scale in which Users can collect FEV is by taking advantage of the Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising - SODA.

As an example using products and services with a full selling price of $100.00 the average micro-value could be $0.10 for each item being subliminally displayed in the background via an app to users  -  higher inventory items like cars and houses increase the micro-values proportional and according to the full selling value ( a seller has the option of adjusting the micro-value )

                          A product or service with a selling price of                                                    $100.00    

                          One micro-value available for users to collect                                                   $0.10    distributed to 1,000 users

                          Average number of displays shown per minute                                                      16

                         Average amount of free working capital collected              X  1 min                 = $1.60

                                                                                                                   X 60 min              = $96.00

                                                                                                                   X 24 hrs          = $2,304.00

                                                                                                                   X 7 days        = $16,128.00    per user account

                                                                                                                   X 28 days      = $64,512.00    free working capital

                                                                                                                   X multiple accounts per user

Free Economic Value  -  it's the Internet's 'free working capital', it's free to collect, has no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

FEV                  Arrow            UDC  
SME Cloudfunding  

The paradigm shift with Cloudfunding and Free Economic Value is to operate and be governed within post economic activity and productivity value, whereas Modern Banking operates within pre economic activity with credit and is not governed or constrained by actual productivity  -  Cloudfunding operates on a global scale with true resources to drive global economic growth without incurring debt.

ComTechX disrupts the global financing system by validating the advertising value in commerce, providing the Cloudfunding environment with free working capital  -  Free Economic Value for the Digital Era.


So FEV can't be controlled or leveraged it applies The Monetizing Moment  -  secured by an untouchable Actual Balance.

Advertising dynamics are part of commerce, therefore it's a part of the value that flows along in the commerce cycle  -  that advertising value is normally able to be quantified in traditional commerce as a budget percentage or percentage of a products value.

In the majority of marketing, the quantity of products or services to be sold is usually not targeted, it's typically just a campaign exposing the item or brand, and not the quantity, the only quantity involved is the number times the 'ad' is displayed,

-  traditional advertising leaves the seller blind in trying to correlate sales with the cost of the campaign.

-  ComTechX disrupts advertising by quantifying how many units are to be sold, it could be 1 car or 10,000 pizzas, it targets every single unit to ensure that each is sold at the full selling price  -  it makes advertising accountable.

-  Cloudfunding brings real-time demand into all types of commerce with Price Demand as the incentive

ComTechX quantifies and shares out each unit's full value as Cloudfunds  -  every earned share of Cloudfunds is tracked and validated at the POS when each product or service is paid for using Pay It Forward, Now!  -  it conquers the barriers with Offline and Online Commerce  -  O2O  -  by seamlessly intertwining Free Economic Value with Digital Cash.

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Cloudfunding solves the Digital Economy's missing economic infrastructure value

Cloudfunding is an autonomous cloud-based ecosystem platform that commodifies and validates the dynamics of Digital Advertising into an economic value  -  paid Digital Advertising has proven to have a commercial value as a revenue source and a stream of gold for the early players of the Internet  -  Cloudfunding reverses the role played out in paid advertising, and instead of a Seller paying for the exposure of products or services, that display action is commodified and validated as an asset class value of exchange, and released for free to global users to collect as free working capital  -  which directly guarantees sales of products and services at the full selling prices for the Sellers, free of costs.

Cloudfunding disrupts Commerce's marketing dynamics by exponentially and perpetually commodifying the Digital Advertising's mechanics on a global scale, using algorithmic fractional economics  -  this new digital asset class value is reverse-engineered as a friction-free neutral trading unit of account that's distributed globally and ubiquitously, and seamlessly tracked internationally as free working capital  -  and appropriately termed as Free Economic Value  -  it solves the conundrum of the missing economic infrastructure value backing the New Digital Economy  -  the 4th Industrial Revolution now has its own autonomous, debt free and ubiquitous river of gold that's freely distributed to the global crowd  -  it will democratically generate a sustainable binary value governed by true productivity to help drive the world's economic growth in the 21st Century  -  it ensures the promise of the world wide web is delivered  . .  that everyone be included in the Digital Age.

The New Economy is the digitization and democratization of the commercial flow of value through Global Trade and Commerce using digital technology to track a neutral international units of account, which in some way is the digitizing of what the IMF have tried with SDR  -  SDR is a restricted Special Drawing Rights value  -  a foreign-reserve currency also termed as XDR, which is created like quantitative easing but without printing money or have any true backing  -  its objective has been to replace gold and US Dollars  -  its role is for IMF member countries to draw down the SDR at various costs so it can be exchanged between trading countries to balance trade surpluses and deficits.

What the New Digital Economy does with Cloudfunding, and in particular with DFDC - Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital, is validate the Free Economic Value against genuine global productivity, allowing it to be globally used ( compared to the limited use of SDR ) to fully democratize trade  -  removing the incumbents to open up global economies to free open markets with an interconnecting ubiquitous flow with a neutral international trading unit of account value  -  making it freely available for the people of the world, and countries, to control and operate with in real time, within the real economies

Outsourced Selling
               1.  Sellers list their inventory of products and services at the full Selling Prices
Cloudfunds  -  the Free Economic Value - FEV is earned and collected simply by viewing QwickPics
The small value collected from the Seller's inventory is pooled as Cloudfunds by Users and used in bidding for items
It's free working capital that a Buyer can use to try and win deals, or use as one of the OMM business entities
Strategy is to add Cloudfunds for the majority of bids  -  UDC, the digital cash currency is added to 'stay alive' to try and win deals
Outsourced Selling  -  deals are won in the bidding process by a local Buyer or an OMM  -  deal value is collected and escrowed
Exchange of Product and Payment  -  if a local Buyer wins a Collection Code is released, if an OMM wins then Price Demand apply
When the Collection Code is presented to the Seller it releases the full Selling Price in exchange for the product, free of all fees

                                                                         QwickP2P   Pay it Forward

Cloudfunds value is the free working capital for the Digital Commerce Monetization System, that's tied ubiquitously with the main trading currency UDC  -  which's exchanged with fiat currency at the Place of Trust

Cloudfunds are freely earned on a mobile and on a desktop, just by viewing QwickPics  -  it doesn't need to be paid back, ever!

It changes the advertising model that spins around the world charging businesses a vast amount of money to spread blind messages about products to the masses  -  a big effort of over-spending a lot of resources just for a few sales.

Instead Cloudfunding spreads the value of products and services with the masses with QwickPics, as Free Economic Value, a simple direct way of incentivizing and raising demand that gets real time sales  -  and makes advertising free.

The platform doesn't follow the typical add on model that sticks advertising everywhere, instead it sits in its own environment where people go to to re-charge and add to their working capital accounts  -  then go back to whatever they were doing.

-  this free working capital will be a financial instrument used to pay for the products and services in the Internet of Everything

-  think of it as a digital wage that can be continuously earned and used to monetize real time needs, ubiquitously and free

-  it's the smart money that's friction free, like paying for a taxi, at checkouts or tickets at the cinema  -  it'll recognize you

As people re-charge accounts they passively engage in productivity somewhere in the world  -  they're part of a global solution

The Digital Age has its own currency values that's not linked to a legacy financial and credit system locked in a past era

-  now people can operate in real time with financial tools linked to productivity cycles built for a New Digital Economy.

Businesses now have a Digital Sales Division merging free digital financing and marketing dedicated to Digital Commerce.

  Digital Sales Division  

Cloudfunds have a unique backend structure that allows the continuous and unobstructed activity by a User in how they use the Cloudfunds  -  in behind the Cloudfund account values is a hidden parallel balance that functions like The Monetizing Moment.

This is where Users can spend their available Cloudfunds in their strategies to win deals but in the background a second value is being debited, and then credited as more Cloudfunds are earned  

-  the hidden value is spent to validate payments to global Sellers

-  this value fluctuates up and down as a User competes to win deals and spends the Cloudfunds

-  it all happens without the User knowing, it's a real time financial report that works for the benefit of the User.

                               .  .  it's free to earn, has no costs, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

The relationship between the services can be summarized,

Seller to QwickPic : A seller can list any quantity of products and services for free.

QwickPic to OMM : Products and services are displayed in QwickPics images that are viewed by OMMs who earn a small percentage of the full value of the items listed.

OMM to Cloudfunds : Every QwickPic viewed is validated as it 'flows' through an OMM's device, before adding Cloudfunds to the OMM's account.

Cloudfunds to QPay : Cloudfunds earned and validated can be spent using QPay on 'content' related products and services listed.

Cloudfunds to QwickBids : Cloudfunds are able to be 'spent' in strategies to win products and services listed in QwickBids.

Cloudfunds to QwickFlip : Cloudfunds can also be 'spent' in strategies to win 'Used' products listed in QwickFlip the same as with QwickBids.

QwickBids to QwickPay : When OMMs or any local bid winner on QwickBids earn the platform's trading currency called UDC, which added to the QwickPay accounts for both winners and sellers.

QwickPay to Buyer : Buyers have QwickPay accounts to fund, collect and spend UDC with Sellers.

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?


QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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