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  Cloudfunding disrupts the market dynamics  .  .  levels the playing field    

Users can now buy fuel at prices they want to pay  -  QwickFill provides the platform where fuel sellers can list their inventory and outsource the selling to a global network of market makers, monetizing their inventory at full selling prices  -  then make that inventory available to local users who compete for deals using Price Demand from their mobile.

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                  Sellers Exchange
Cloudfunding solves the fluctuating fuel prices regardless of oil prices

To have local markets operating without the global issues around oil and fuel pricing is something everyone is looking for.

FastFill offers Buying Prices that cascade down to 20% of the Selling Prices whenever Price Demand Online is activated by local Buyers  -  and the Sellers always get their full Selling Prices.

Sellers just list their inventory for the Outsourced Selling process to pre-sell fuel before releasing it to local markets where local Buyers can opt-in and buy at the price they want to pay as the Buying Prices cascade downwards.

It doesn't effect the Supply Chain of Suppliers other than increasing demand, and that's something that businesses rarely complain about  -  Cloudfunding is the autonomous cloud-based platform that provides the Outsourced Selling process and Price Demand.

Local outlets can list a volume of fuel for Outsourced Selling from inventory that they have and is available to local Buyers, as the inventory is processed through the Outsourced Selling it can then be released to local Buyers in volumes that suit the market.

When local Buyers buy the Deals they can fill up with some of the volume to top up the tank or use all the Deals value, the Buyer's account is adjusted accordingly by confirmation from the outlet Seller

-  local Fuel Outlets can list their fuel quantity and Outsourced Selling just the same as FastFill Outlets.

Local Sellers and Buyers can help establish FastFill Outlets and form LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs that are the pickup points for local Buyers purchasing local and global Sellers.

                               LED - Local Economic Distribution Hub

Sustainable revenue through the Global Crowd

The Selling Prices are linked to the general pricing in the region, however the Selling Prices are higher to always provide the incentive for the Fuel Outlets, which doesn't effect the Supplier's pricing

-  the local Buying Prices will always be as low as 20% of the Selling Prices but it's still up to the Buyers as what price they want to pay with Price Demand finding the real-time demand.

The Global Crowd provides the interaction in Outsourced Selling for all the quantities of fuel listed for processing by Fuel Outlets and for processing Generic Deals that can be purchased from the Global Seller's Trade Xchange.

-  Operators will still need to activate the Price Demand and pay what they believe will be a fair price to get the Deals before getting the full value back when the local Buyers purchased the Deals when they are released.

Outlet Operators select the Selling Price that links to their region's market price and match it with the volume of fuel that the Outlet has stored in their tanks or will have available when the Deals are released to local Buyers  

-  as Deals are claimed and the fuel exchange completed, the full Selling Prices are released from escrow to an Outlet's Business account.

Productivity automatically flows into Universally Distributed Income Portfolios

With all commerce activity on the Platform each product and service that's processed with Outsourced Selling and Buying activity  -  it's linked back through to the Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios from where all Users can build a collection of Location Tokens and gain a share of the Location Activity Tax collected and distributed across all the global activity, in real time.

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