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Transport Freight

Transporting freight is an important part of Commerce between Sellers and Buyers.

Costs are involved at every stage  -  all freight is quantified in weight and size and that allows Deals to be generated for specific goods or as 'generic' Logistic Deals that can be applied by Freight Forwarders.

With 'generic' Logistic Deals being pre-generated according to distance, quantity, weight and prices  -  all a Freight Forwarder needs to do is select the Deals from the Seller's Exchange and match it to the freight specifics.

It's great for tendering for shipments or speeding up the quoting of jobs that come in, giving the 'Receiver' the benefit of the low 20% buying prices, while the Freight Forwarder gets the full 100% selling prices.

-  it can also be done from the Buyers side ( Receiver ) when the freight price may have already been quoted or is a repeat shipment, the 'generic' Logistic Deals can be won or purchased and then attached to the freight orders.

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