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Cloudfunding reinvents Productivity

FreiDel Tech

Freight and Delivery meets Technology  -  FreDel Tech

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    The Freight and Delivery movement of goods from Point to Point is a major conduit for new Capital flows between economies, both for local and international economies.

FreDel Tech changes the economic structure controlling the freedom of trade with new Capital flows that fully monetize the freight and delivery of goods by transport and courier businesses and offered in Smart Contract deals  -  just as the exchange of money validates a purchase of products and services between a Buyer and a Seller, the service of freight and delivery has a similar flow that moves from point to point  -  freight and delivery is a conduit that has a cost involved, which can be outsourced to be fully monetized before the service is supplied.

Just the same as the Outsourced Selling of products and services is available to Sellers, the freight and delivery of goods is able to be given to businesses providing the shipment service in Smart Contracts  -  offering a guaranteed payment for service within a more competitive and profitable industry environment.

Freight Delivery Tech

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The services offered by freight and delivery businesses are generally charged by three main components, weight, size and distance from point to point  -  what Cloudfunding offers is for the three parties involved in moving goods from point to point, that being the Sender, the Receiver and the Transport Service provider, with each able to use Outsourced Selling and Price Demand to gain a financial advantage.

How it work is there's a multitude of freight and delivery service costings processed by the platform, with variations of weight, size and distance  -  each service is packaged as a Smart Contract deals with a Selling Price that's outsourced to the OMMs ( market makers ) who help to fully monetize each individual Deal.

Freight and Delivery Smart Contract deals can only be applied to products that have also been outsourced on the platform and need the freight or delivery component added as the free delivery associated with the product deal

Algorithms analyze data to continuously filter the costs and times associated with the transport and delivery services provided by the industry to find the most fair and competitive prices.

For Sellers

-  when a Seller makes a product sale they are able to use the appropriate delivery service details to match the product - the delivery deals can either be pre-purchased or purchased at the time of the sale, from the Sellers FreDel Market Index on the platform

-  the Freight and Delivery Smart Contracts are purchased from the Sellers FreDel Service sector  -  with Price Demand attached to add competition to the service between Sellers ( Senders ).

-  the Sellers can initially buy the Smart Contracts to ensure that a reasonable and fair price is associated with the service to deliver the package to the destination, based on their previous delivery cost details

-  when a Seller has pre-purchased delivery Smart Contract deals the Seller can release the deals matching the cost to local Delivery services that monitor the FreDel Market Exchange for new deals  -  the time frame and accepted full service cost will determine which service provider will accept to do the service by buying it with Price Demand ( and later refunded once delivery is completed )

For Freight and Delivery Services

-  delivery Smart Contract deals are released to the platform's marketplace in real time where local Transport Service providers can accept the conditions, consisting of the main variations of the package and also the time frame expected to have the delivery completed, along with the full price to be paid to the delivery providers

-  the delivery deals are released to the Transport Service providers with Price Demand and cascading buying prices to bring fair competition between the services

-  delivery for restaurants and takeaway food are merged into the overall FreDel platform to look after the food providers, who now have a great incentive to list their inventory at full selling prices and get free delivery included  

-  the delivery services themselves can take advantage of competing with other delivery services to get the business from those restaurants and takeaway sellers

-  added to the food delivery service are the wages paid by the delivery services to the drivers and riders, with an incentive for drivers to list wage receipts and delivery services to compete with other services for the advantage of lowering their wage costs.

Completed deliveries release payments back

-  once there is a Transport Service provider that takes up the deal and the service is completed, as per the details, the delivery deal's full price is released to the Transport Service providers's business account, less any initial payment paid for the deal

-  and the Seller's initial price paid for the Smart Contract deal is also released back into the Seller's business account on the completion of delivery

-  the overall outcome is that the product Buyer has free delivery  -  the Seller has sold the product with free delivery and pays no costs  -  and the Transport Service provider has full payment released immediately the service is completed to the satisfaction of the Buyer.

New market dynamics bring predictability and full real time payments

It brings an open free market to the industry by leveling the playing field for the Transport Service providers regardless of their size  -  for smaller freight and delivery services Price Demand can be the way to win contracts that would normally go to much larger companies  -  the competitive lower Buying Prices from Price Demand can be offered by Transport Service providers to Senders or Receivers in specific services for them to gain the price advantage, while the full price of the service is guaranteed for the Transport Service providers.

Freight and Delivery Smart Contract deals can be listed by Transport providers to specific weights, sizes, distances and full costs for the Outsourced Selling process  -  the platform can also process Generic Deals with Outsourced Selling to meet the markets needs.

Deals can be purchased from the Seller's Trade Xchange Freight and Delivery sector with Price Demand  -  quantities of Deals can be stored ready to offer the Senders or Receivers, depending on who initiates the service request.

Cloudfunding adds the Internet's economic infrastructure

The Capital flow that moves from the Seller to the Buyer for payment of products, which is monetized via Outsourced Selling with the OMMs ( market makers ), also provides the same financing process for the movement of those products  -  Outsourced Selling of the transportation costs exponentially expands the amount of Capital flowing through the New Digital Economy.

Transport Service groups gain from the Freight and Delivery supply side but also gain separately from being able to use Price Demand for fuel at LED Hubs and partner fuel depots, as well as other operating costs.

Cloudfunding protects the local domestic manufacturing to retailing with Localization by operating on new Rails of Trade  -  where Supply meets Demand under new Rules of Engagement.

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Commoditizing Productivity has unlimited scale

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