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Meeting the challenges  -  Disrupting the Disrupters

The taxi industry is being disrupted in a way that's challenging some of the tried and tested industries.

The taxi industry like other industries that rely on transportation are all affected by costs and challenges filtering to the consumer.

QwickRide is a service that gives operators and consumers taxi fares that have a major benefit for consumers and operators with a global mobile Taxi Fare payment system that merges into the local environment where the taxi operators are located,

-  instead of taking money out the local economy, it keeps it local and encourages more productivity.

-  it operates in real time with local currency payments that don't have fees or charges.

The Platform uses Digital Cash which operates globally with all currencies without any delays, costs or fees  -  it's a fully autonomous global payment system that never needs costly credit cards or other alternatives  -  fitting perfectly with today's mobile consumers.

The Platform's economic and business model is unlike the predatory business models circling the world where big retailers pressure suppliers on price  

-  the Platform uses a validation process that ensures Suppliers have control on the prices of their products and services.

-  it allows all Sellers to get full Selling Prices for each Deal released while giving Buyers the incentive to pay at prices they want.

                                                                                          Taxi  -  anyone!

There's a new game in town

QwickRide is a service that allows Taxi Fares to be listed by Sellers for free and Outsource the Selling of the Deals prior to releasing them to local customers,

-  Taxi Fare Deals are fully monetized by a network of market makers during the Outsourced Selling process

-  the Deals are then released by Sellers and purchased using Price Demand by local customers.

Taxi AnyOne! global accounts can be continually uploaded with new Deals for regular use, or just as a backup.

Taxi Fare Deals are like all Deals that are processed by Outsourcing the Selling  -  with Sellers ( taxi owner/company ) receiving 100% of the fare  -  and with passengers paying as low as 20% of the fare.

-  as with all Deals offered by businesses and industries on the Platform, Price Demand is what creates the demand.

Taxi companies or individual taxi operators can list Taxi Fare Deals whenever they want to get more profitable fares  -  the Taxi Fare Deals are just like any Deals that Sellers can list on the Platform, there are no fees or costs.

Driver Tips are automatically set with each Deal to provide an independent benefit without it interfering with the overall cost of the Taxi Fare Deals or with the taxi owner/company  -  the Driver's Tip is automatically credited to the Driver's account.

Other businesses and industries such as Hotel Accommodation that use the Taxi and Limousine Services for their customers can buy Deals in bulk from the Sellers Trading Xchange Platform at the low prices offered with Price Demand

-  the value paid by the Sellers is recovered when the customers make their purchase.

-  Deals are passed onto customers at the full Selling Prices with Price Demand's cascading Buying Prices ready to Activate.

Deals can be listed from any country and in any quantities with values that suit the types of fares paid in the region  -  being able to afford to grab a taxi more frequently could change many local economies.

Local Economic Distribution Hub

Local Economic Distribution Hub


Security wise, the payment is transferred immediately to the taxi operator's account, without the risk of holding any money in the taxi  -  the operator can then go to the nearest outlet to pickup the cash or when it suits.

-  payments can be spent at a nearby LED Hub where the taxi can use QwickFill Deals to get petrol as low as 20% of the full price.

Taxis and other transport businesses all have ongoing operating costs and LED Hubs can be a great benefit in reducing costs and increasing their workloads with the collection and delivery of parcels for local businesses and consumers.

LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs are established by local Sellers and Buyers who initially back and benefit directly from the turnover of local productivity.

The Platform operates in a fully autonomous environment where all the services and industries can collaborate and be more profitable  -  while giving the consumer, the ultimate buyer of the product or service, a better deal.

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