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Without Sellers the world just wouldn't work!

The way people and groups sell products and services hasn't really changed much, ever.

The Seller has a product or service and the demand for it is controlled by what price the Seller wants.

The option for the Seller is to find a price that optimizes the demand so all costs are covered and there's a profit.

Finding that price often means that discounting is needed to find the right amount of demand within a time frame.

The Global Seller's Trade Exchange Market is the backend of the Global Digital Markets, giving Sellers along the Supply Chain a Platform to list Products and Services to trade B2B, while having the benefits of a Free Open Market Economic Zone  -  FOMEZ.

The Seller's Trade Exchange Market can handle any product or service a Seller has that they want to sell to other Sellers.

In typical market environments the Sellers usually step back and allow the market to find the Buyers and the price they're willing to pay  -  this is where market volatility can make or break industries.

A New 'Digital Era' Trade Exchange Market

Now enter a new market environment, one that takes that volatility away and provides a more balanced and productive flow of trade.

The change that the scalable Digital Economy can have on the world, is that it makes 'everything' closer, that means some incumbents can be removed, like trading markets formed around speculation and 'old data', and instead operate between the Sellers and the Buyers.

The Seller's Trade Exchange Market closes the distance between the Sellers and the Buyers.

Unlike markets where the Seller steps back the new market opens it up for Sellers to participate in the selling process, not to manipulate the market price but to actively participate in the bidding process so that the 'item' reaches its Buying Price.

The Buying Price has a maximum 20% value of the full Selling Price so what the Sellers are doing is competing 'equally and fairly' with other OMMs throughout the world simply to get the item to the stage where a Buyer can make the final purchase.

With the Seller's Trade Exchange Market the Seller links with a Global Price Index that takes the volatility out to give a stable and sustainable growth needed at the grassroots level and up through the Supply Chains.

From Coffee Growers in a developing country the platform can provide the growers with tools to outsource the selling and have the buying prices so low it would be too hard for traders to ignore, the same outsourced selling can be repeated all along the Supply Chain through export and import, all the way to the domestic market.

The positioning of the Short Term Jobs market platform adds the physical side of 'job creation', which provides a secure way for workers to seek jobs and businesses can find workers

Businesses anywhere along the Supply Chain have the option to open up a new Sales Division in their business that would fit in-between the finance and the accounts departments.

Platform Sphere

Businesses can use QwickPic to earn Cloudfunds, the free 'working capital' that can be used to bid for and buy supplies, this means that Cloudfunds is a new financing avenue for Sellers that's free to earn.

This financing approach is open for businesses to build as much Cloudfunds as they want to help in using it for 'working capital' as an OMM competing to win deals across the world, competing and winning deals is uniquely fair across the world

-  and the profit margin of 60% is the incentive that would be welcome by any Business.

Added to a Sellers tools is the LA Agent who can be the tech connection ensuring that products and services are being listed for the selling process and that supply and customer pickup is moving efficiently


Incentives for Businesses becoming OMMs is the closer connection they can have with both Suppliers and Buyers, the 'exchange' can list, exchange and complete payments in real time  -  this means that no trading terms of 30, 60 or 90 days are needed.

Credit Lines or Terms are eliminated, saving the Sellers and Buyers heaps of valuable turn-around time to get more supplies and keep productivity moving.

Businesses have their Portfolios that have additional advantages of gaining from the effort of all the trading by others around the world, including the benefit of not paying fees or currency exchange margins.

The Platform has an incentive option that could provide the solution for many businesses and startups, it's structured to provide the incentive to draw talent to the business without releasing equity, while gaining loyalty and Productivity.

It's the Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program

There's always QwickChat to give Sellers the connection with their frequent and new customers   QwickChat

  Sellers have a new Sales Division  
When a Seller wants more sales the immediate conclusion is to look at advertising and to make it more of an incentive the discounting is there to add some extra boost  -  but it all still costs.

The change that QwickPic does is it joins the functions of advertising and sales into a Digital Sales Division  -  it's unlike 'social media' where there's a great vacuum of space between social and commerce, it's a department that has substance that a business can operate with.

A Seller can now be pro-active in bridging across to sales by collecting Cloudfunds and using it as 'working capital' in their strategy to participate in bidding for Deals, even their own Deals.

Just as the amount of Cloudfunds that anyone can collect is unlimited, so too are the number of Deals unlimited that anyone or any Business can participate in.

A Business participates with other OMMs  -  Open Market Makers, that act just like any other wholesale business in competing to win Deals  -  whenever an OMM wins a Deal they earn over 60% more than what their winning bid was.

Here's an example of a small range of Deals that an OMM can operate with during the Lead-Up Time.

With all Deals there's a limit to the number of OMMs that can participate, the small time of 30 seconds to a minute it takes to register and set the 'Cloudfund' strategies shows the scale of what a Business can do to broaden their income streams.

When the economies of scale are applied to what a Business can do as an OMM, then the impact of what a Digital Sales Division can have for a Business, begins to open up.

  Sits In A Unique Position  
The Global Markets or the Platform doesn't hold any monies, it securely holds all the records of ownerships of the traded products and services, values and Location Units.

-  the interaction between Buyers and Sellers at the local level via productivity, continually validates those values, globally

Any User can freely buy and sell Units in any location, including where they reside,

-  it provides an open transparent free market structure that's the foundation in forming the Global Markets within the overall Digital Free Trade and Commerce platform

-  the commerce activity in each location around the world, continually gets updated with each location's earnings in real time

-  for each commerce action there's a LAT Location Activity Tax  -  Global Wealth Tax debited as part of the distributed revenue

-  this revenue is distributed globally to every Location's 'Unit' held in the various User Portfolios, in real time.

The User Portfolio is the Digital Era's version of the 'Bank Account'  -  where Users hold, spend and strategize with their wealth.

That wealth is spendable globally, without fees or exchange costs  -  it finally makes remittances a natural part of the 'free market'.


Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand


A more structural incentive is the 'Heroes Challenge' - a challenge for global Buyers and Sellers.

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