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The DOMIndex tracks the productivity within a national border, down to states, regions and cities  -  with a trade exchange platform providing the everyday essential products and services ranging from food, clothing, energy, health and travel, even cars and home ownership, to local domestic markets with a new buying experience that changes the way consumers buy!

DOMIndex is part of the ComTechX platform that operates with Cloudfunding, which is an advanced online economic infrastructure model that sits above the B2B and B2C markets and marketplaces  -  where an economy to economy ecosystem ( e2eCommerce ) establishes a permanent economic stimulus in local economies using RingLink technology, which changes the way Capital flows in local economies  -  it provides the level playing fields for small local Sellers to be more than competitive with larger competitors.

As local economies increase trade with other local economies there's a flow-on viral effect  -  the productivity growth generated in each of the listed locations is gained from a unique Outsourced Selling process, which fully monetizes the full selling prices for the Sellers even before products and services are released to Buyers, it effectively allows Buyers to buy at prices they want to pay  -  it merges the new economy with the fledgling sharing and gig economy where flexible and casual work hours are changing the local jobs of the future.

DOMIndex provides the real time data that local users and Co-Operatives need to respond to real time productivity operating through the LED Hubs and FOMEZs  -  the linear growth of a local economy provides the safe-haven environment for users to invest in their own local economy by being proactive in helping to generate productivity, unlike share markets that provide equity in businesses and set in a speculative environment,

.  .  it starts with one specific change, reinventing Digital Advertising, making it free and subliminal, and ultimately directs its financial benefits back to local economies and communities with a sustainable economic infrastructure  -  it establishes a new industry that merges Commerce and Technology to form ComTechX, which encompasses the dynamics associated with generating productivity  -  in a gathering of local domestic economies that form the Global Chamber of Economies.

DOMIndex gives Sellers the platform to bypass the middle players that sit between them and local Buyers  -  Sellers such as energy utilities can sell kWh bundles of electricity via Smart Contracts directly to Buyers, incentivizing Buyers with Price Demand, without discounting  -  another example is farmgate milk, which can be Smart Contracted to a regions minimum Selling Prices ( operating costs and margin ) and still be tied to global prices, but giving Buyers ( processors ) the chance to be competitive with Price Demand.

Transforming Capital flows for the digital age

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