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Crowd Power is only just beginning!

      What a Crowd can do together via technology is becoming more evident!   

The Crowd is core of Global Digital Markets and the New Digital Economy

      Bringing the Crowd together to combat challenges like inequality is only
      possible by making everything neutral and equal for everyone!

      Cloud Commerce provides the equalizing balance where the Seller has
      control of the Selling Price and the Crowd has control of the Buying Price.

      Cloud Commerce Outsources Selling by Cloudfunding the Global Crowd.

      Cloud Commerce gives those in the Crowd with less, a bigger voice!

      Everyone now has access to free working capital with Free Digital Capital


      Cloud Commerce integrates several key systems needed to operate a
      digital economy so it can generate and stimulate Supply and Demand.

      Cloud Commerce has a neutral trading currency that's interchanged by
      Crowds with local currencies, fee free at local brick and mortar stores.

      Cloud Commerce outsources the Supply Chain on a global scale, giving
      producers and manufacturers to retailers the incentive to supply more.

      Cloudfunding changes the Supply Chains so Sellers get their full 100%
      Selling Prices and local buyers only pay as low as 20% of those prices.

      Sellers use Price Demand to find real time demand

      QwickPic connects Users and Sellers in the Cloud, where Users freely
      operate, without the tracking and monitoring by the buzz technology.

      Productivity is still tracked everywhere so that a global wealth tax can
      be distributed fairly and equitably back into the hands of Users.

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Inequality - comes about when a person's worth is unfairly controlled!

With no credit cards, no banks, so no costs or charge backs - so no fees!

Cloud Commerce changes a person's income's buying power - QwickP2P - Pay Here.

Cloud Commerce can give greater buying power and ways to get better wages.

Outsourcing with Cloud Commerce gives the Sellers, regardless if they are workers,
producers, manufacturers or retailers control in setting the selling prices.

With Buyers confronted with the options to buy at 100% or buy at 20% using Cloud
Commerce, it should be a 'no-brainer' for Buyers of which option to choose.

   Cloud Commerce disrupts the 'Status Quo'!

   Cloud Commerce can change lives, like coffee growers in Africa or any industry in any
   location by changing their incomes that are often controlled by others in Supply Chains.

   Any producers, manufacturers or suppliers along the Supply Chain like milk farmers,
   fruit growers, clothing manufacturers, fuel outlets, anyone can use Cloud Commerce.

   All the way along the Supply Chain, starting with the individual selling their Labour Market, the
   Seller has control of the selling price and Crowd has control of the local buying price.

   Cloud Commerce is able to apply the same to manufacturing in the car, fruit and dairy
   industries of Australia or Brazil, without penalizing Buyers or Sellers in the Chain.

The most valuable resource in the world is people and Cloud Commerce is focused on providing the Platform with a Digital Free Trade and Commerce
that gives everyone in the Crowd an equal voice and opportunity to gain from empowering that resource!
Paying It Forward

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