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The idea of staying at someone's home seemed too odd for people to do a few years back but now it's an accepted form of accommodation.

Now home owners can list and rent a room or a full house to travelers.

The Platform has QwickShare available for home owners looking to offer some accommodation or for Sharing services that has a business operating in the Sharing Economy.

Home owners can list their home or room with Deals that offer guests Buying Prices as low as 20% of the full Selling Prices when they Activate the Price Demand button.

With Accommodation Sharing services, they too can list any of their customer's listed properties and have the low 20% Buying Prices available with Price Demand.

All the payments are adaptable to whichever way suits the service  -  as a Deal is purchased the full amount of the listed Deal is locked in escrow and when payment time comes around the payment can be paid in full to the service or can be divided to pay the due fee to the service and the remainder goes to the Home owner.

In any of the options, there are no fees to pay to list or sell any listing, payments are transferred between QwickPay accounts.

There is an annual Seller's Fee of US$90.00 for business registration.

Home owners listing any more than 2 weeks accommodation per annum are required to pay the registration.

Both Home owners and Accommodation Sharing services are responsible to adhere to local regulations and charges.

Many travelers want to see and experience the culture and life around where they visit and that can include casual and short term jobs.

These jobs are sometimes used as a way to take advantage of travelers looking for a bit more traveling money so to ease the risks associate with these jobs there's Short Term Jobs that can add an extra level of security.

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