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Where Banking created inconsistent global economic growth over the last decades using credit creation to add to the money supply and create global debt,
Cloudfunding challenges that with new economics which validates local productivity and free working capital to perpetually incentivize debt free global growth.

Cloudfunding forms defendable local economic hubs ( FOMEZ ) that exponentially scale global economic growth that's tied and governed by true productivity,
whereas Banking in the Old Economy has been limited to printing money and controlling money supply with rates and credit as tools for growth.

Money is defined as .  .  needs to be an ( international ) unit of account  .  .  a stable storage of value  .  .  a means of exchange  .  .  a balance in scarcity
Cloudfunding achieves these essential definitions with a neutral Universally Decentralized Capital, with the unique addition of being intrinsically governed by productivity.

Cloudfunding Dynamics

Economic Distribution Layout

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Cloudfunding streamlines the New Economy to be more digitally efficient

The Cloudfunding ecosystem combines both the financial and economic environments of the New Digital Economy with Commerce and Technology ( ComTechX Industry )  -  while most advances in digital technology have either seen the disruption of existing industries or there's been an easy transition to digital  -  the different pace for these digital transitions has been a great benefit for some industries but for some like the financial services industry, having the early advantage ultimately led to the GFC  -  highlighting the systemic failures in the way the Old Economy was structured leading into the Digital Era.

To avoid such failures, a new paradigm is paramount  -  to start fully digitizing the world's financial and economic infrastructure, a step back in history was taken to retrace the events that led us to the edge of a global meltdown in the financial and world economies  -  that step back in history found a unique moment in time when there were two different proposals that would set the way trade and finance operated around the world for the next 70 years.

The two proposals stood out like a fork in the road, both offered two different directions, each with different sets of dynamics and outcomes  -  the chosen direction lead us to the recent GFC  -  but it's the other proposal not chosen that Cloudfunding has found to be so aligned with, it was how a neutral international unit of account value could be used to track and balance the assets and liabilities in global trade  -  since the time the proposal was first introduced back in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference there's been an explosion in digital technology  -  what was not imagined back then, was that digital technology could be capable of capturing a neutral international unit of account, and being able to track it globally in real time.

That discarded 'other proposal' is now able to be fully digitized into the Cloudfunding economic infrastructure with technically advanced software and dynamics, which exponentially expands on the manual methods of the analogue era that adjusted finance to influence flows of trade over weeks and months  -  Cloudfunding streamlines the flow of global trade by removing rent-seeking incumbents with the neutral universal trading unit, so Commerce can exponentially scale and bypass the old legacy systems, and bring a more genuine and equitable global outcome to trade and economies  -  all overseen by a Global Chamber of Economies that is formed by hundreds, even thousands of local Chamber of Economies that are built on a new digital democratic infrastructure with RingLink technology  -  the use of Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital brings a new democratic distribution to Commerce in local economies, which opens up markets that have always been controlled by predatory money lenders.

Cloudfunding doesn't need to use global currencies, it only needs to compare with all the currency values in real time against a universal trading value, which is the aggregated values of the national currencies  -  there's no holding of any global currencies, it's true Cashless  -  so not be influenced by the Old Economy's values a new source of value needed to be found that represented financial stability and could be governed by that value  -  that stable value is Global Productivity  -  it's the productivity of goods and services that represents trade, which cannot be disputed or multiplied like fiat currencies  -  this Global Productivity value can now be distributed and tracked internationally as free Capital using sophisticated algorithms, in real time.

How big is Global Productivity and can it scale to offer all the players in commerce a fair and equitable share on a global scale?  -  stand anywhere in a city or town and see or envisage the volume of products and services that get exchanged between buyers and sellers in those areas  -  this represents only a fraction of the unlimited resource on a global scale that Cloudfunding is directed at to provide the free Capital  -  what's up to the entrepreneurs of business along all the Supply Chains is the velocity that those goods and services can be brought onto the market to be sold.

  the 'D.O.M.E.'


  FOMEZ - Localization

  Productivity First

  RingLink Tech


  Cloud Productivity

  UDC - Neutral Currency

  Local - Capital Flows

  Pay It Forward, Now!

  Digitizing Cash

  Booms and Busts

  Open Market Revenue

  Fractional Economics

  Supply Chain

  Economies of Scale

  Exchange Platform

  Global Locations

  Distribution of Wealth

  Labour MarketPlace

  Affordable Living

  Job Creation

Here's a table napkin sketch of how it works


As new inventory comes onto the market, new free Capital is distributed across the world before it's validated into Universally Decentralized Capital, this governs the increase of the free working capital entering into the new economy by being tied to productivity  -  the new universal financial value is able to exponentially grow at arms length of global currency values without being hindered by their value manipulation  -  UDC cannot be diluted by fees or spreads, it can't be multiplied in quantity or value, nor can it be used as credit or loans  -  the free Capital provides unlimited scope and scale for individuals and businesses to collect working capital and validate it to fund targets or apply for Free Direct Backing for business ventures.

Cloudfunding uses the real time demand of products and services sold using Price Demand to find the true aggregated buying price  -  this ability to get minute details of what buying prices are being paid in the various global locations ( FOMEZ ) has a bearing on the Global Price Index that tracks selling prices of products and services  -  this real time tracking stabilizes the selling prices while an open market finds the buying prices, avoiding the need for inflation to increase selling prices  -  unlike Central Banks that use interest rates to control the money supply and adjust fiat currency's foreign exchange rates  -  Central Banks have since the 1970s adjusted credit flows and rates to generate inflation and as a consequence deflated the buying power of currencies in most of the major developed countries  -  contradicting the myth surrounding the 'wealth effect' that's spruiked as an economic phenomenon by convincing consumers of their increased wealth, when in fact it's giving in one hand and taking more away with the other.

The balance of assets and liabilities that had been central in the Keynes proposal was seen as a mechanism played out by institutions in a process that operated weeks and even months behind the activity, similar to the way statistics is released today  -  what technology has done is pulled all those checks and balances into real time where businesses and industries in cities, regions and countries could address the need to adjust productivity by keeping track of the data on a local or global scale.

Cloudfunding is a financial and economic ecosystem combining strategies focused on generating sustainable Global Productivity

It monetizes and incentivizes local trading activity with Outsourced Selling, with its own perpetual economic engine

It provides complete industries with Seller controlled dynamics and predictable full Selling Prices and low Buying Prices

Setting new rules and dynamics for exponential Global Commerce with real-time Price Demand  -  sell high, buy low prices

Cloudfunding is able to bring real-time demand into all types of commerce with Price Demand and Cascading Buying Prices

Outsourced Selling provides leverage from two distinct positions in the Supply Chains to take advantage of.

For grassroots Suppliers  -  Seller Co-Operatives  to the end Buyers  -  Buyer Co-Operatives  -  everyone is part of the Crowd

A new frontier driven by a global workforce backed with free capital

Cloudfunding generates defendable local economies from the inside out in free open market economic zones  -  FOMEZ

Bringing with it a new frontier to Commerce with a global workforce capable of democratically driving Global Productivity

With entire workforces threatened by automation, new productive and simple ( automated ) ways to earn incomes are needed

9 to 5 regimental jobs that built 20th Century economic growth will disappear  -  digital jobs that're directly productive will rise

Open Market Makers  -  OMMs are market makers equipped with 21st Century globally distributed free working capital

Economies of scale is the key to reaching the people  -  Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising does that quietly in the background

Individuals that have access or no access to finance, now have a level playing field  -  businesses have access to free capital

Productivity Catalyst

Cloudfunding steers clear of speculation

It disrupts a number of industries that have sat idle in the early years of the Digital Era  -  waiting to be disrupted

Cloudfunding disrupts Banking  -  by replacing credit with fully validated free working capital  -  Free Economic Value

Cloudfunding disrupts Commerce  -  by reinventing global Advertising as free working capital

Cloudfunding redefines Economies  -  strategically focusing on defendable productivity in economies  -  Localization

Cloudfunding redefines Markets  -  no longer is the middleman able to speculate  -  GOMTX offers social influence

Cloudfunding offers a new paradigm

ComTech is the Industry merging Offline and Online Commerce into a new ecosystem, by decentralizing control

Cloudfunding defines the boundaries for the cashless world  -  economies will now scale and define the Digital Economy

The Cashless World is fully autonomous, tapping into an unlimited natural resource to form a new medium of exchange

Credit Cards have convinced people that digital value is real  -  Free Economic Value does it with true value, for real

Unlike the value of digital credit  -  Free Economic Value is indelibly ( binary ) tied permanently to true Global Productivity

Cloudfunding doesn't hold Cash  -  local Cash is validated and fully digitalized in real time by paying the value forward

    FEV                  Arrow            UDC  
Cloudfunding is a paradigm shift in how Commerce operates with Free Economic Value  -  Cloudfunding is governed by true productivity value that is validated from genuine economic activity, quite the opposite to how Modern Banking operates before the economic activity using credit and debt, and is not governed or constrained by actual productivity values  -  Cloudfunding operates on a global scale with true resource values to drive global economic growth, without incurring debt.

The change

The change with how markets will begin to work, comes with how influence and digital value moves freely across borders

Cloudfunding generates productivity by digitizing commerce's dynamics into an asset value that can flow from economy to economy

Local economies are stimulated by the commercial actions of local Sellers drawing in free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC

The effect of free foreign Capital Investment flowing into a business's sales revenue raises the velocity in local economies in Supply Chains

From a local or national economic perspective, Cloudfunding generates local sales tax revenue based on the full selling prices

The borderless flow of this neutral global trading unit of account is encompassed within the Global Chamber of Economies

From economy to economy, DFDC exponentially speeds up trade with Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising  -  SODA

A new Digital Sales Division for businesses

Businesses have been introduced to numerous analytic tools to run their business better  -  the Digital Sales Division is a free service where businesses can set strategies to collect FEV and set about using the free working capital to bid for deals, even their own products and services being processed with Outsourced Selling  -  DSD has the features to keep track of inventory being processed and released for local Buyer to activate the Price Demand  -  the Digital Sales Division can be the Digital Sales interface for any business wanting to have an Online presence without needing a web site of their own  -  businesses with expansion in mind can use Free Direct Backing to gain support to achieve goals from people backing the venture without offering equity.

    Digital Sales Division  
The financial landscape will shift to a fully inclusive world

Where business and personal financing relied on a Bank to judge the risk of giving a loan, Cloudfunding opens up the market for businesses and people to decide if they want the Free Economic Value  -  in Cloudfunding the risk of collecting FEV and using it in strategies in Outsourced Selling has only positive outcomes, the more participation then the more validation the User will get to do what they needed the value for  -  the collecting of FEV can be 24 hours a day and the bigger the enterprise the bigger the effort there will be in collecting the FEV  -  it will all evolve autonomously around the perpetual borderless global productivity and economies, and it will simply be called Cloudfunding.

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Validation of Productivity is key

Cloudfunding disrupts the traditional banking business model of the money supplier, with a Free Economic Value model

As a service Cloudfunding is the method of using Cloudfunds as free working capital in strategies to bid and buy products

Free Economic Value replaces costly loans and credit with free Cloudfunds that has no interest or needs to be repaid

Cloudfunds are fully validated at the exchange of products and services after the completion of Outsourced Selling

Cloudfunding has an unique process that converts the Ownership of the Cloudfunds to Universally Decentralized Capital

The transition of advertising, from being part of the mechanics of Commerce, to its distribution as Free Economic Value,

and its validation as free working capital tied to genuine Global Productivity in the Supply and Demand of products and

services, through to its final validation as a neutral global Digital Trading Cash  -  key to the ongoing perpetual flow

of economic growth in the New Economy.

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