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Discounting has always been in the hands of the Seller, not now!

Discounts usually follow an action by the Seller to try and gain extra sales by lowering the Buying Prices.

QwickP2P has a feature that allows the Buyer to build-up a discount range that can be applied without a Seller knowing.

Buyers can compete to win Discount Deals that can merge together and build up to a maximum 80% discount.

Online and in brick and mortar store operators can get the benefit of the full Selling Prices without needing to discount.

As long as a Seller lists their products or services on QwickPic at the full Selling Prices it all operates automatically.

Sometimes a store may have products listed with discounts, the Buyer can use their own Discount to get a better discount.

The Seller benefits by gaining the full Selling Price without being hit with the discount they have listed in-store.

Win discounts and be ready to spend

QwickP2P sits in a position where it can provide a payment processing model with unique advantages.

There's a great advantage of QwickP2P Discount Deals having 80% discounts, that can be stored ready for purchases.

Like all activity on the Platform there're no banks and no credit cards, so no chargebacks, it all happens in real time.

It's simple for Sellers to add QwickP2P as a payment option either in brick and mortar stores or on websites.

Discounts are won by Users bidding for QwickP2P Deals using Cloudfunds  -  each Deal is limited with the number of bidders.

QwickP2P Deals are different to Deals that Buyers bid to win products and services, QwickP2P Deals are set with a monetary value

-  but still have the same features with Buyers bidding a maximum 20% ( 80% discount ) while Sellers receive full 100% selling prices.

-  anyone winning Deals for products and services can still convert Deals over to use the value at QwickP2P  -  Pay Here stores.

Why have QwickP2P Discount Deals?    

With the demand and competition to win or buy the LA Deals it means there will be many who miss out on getting their hands on them, so QwickP2P Discount Deals are added to multiply the chance of winning Deals.

With QwickP2P Deals an account holder can set strategies to win any number of Deals, then with the winnings pay for products or services at a participating store  -  paying the full price with the discount automatically applied to the Buyer's purchase.

QwickP2P accounts can continually be updated with winning Deals, it gives Users an account that has the discount level moving up and down depending on how often Users compete to win Deals  -  it leaves the User to decide how big they want their discounts.

The Buyer is gaining the buying power by shopping at stores with the QwickP2P  -  Pay Here and the Seller gains full priced sales,

-  both Buyer and Seller are helping to turn back the clock in their local economy.

Over the last decades there's been a supply of credit that creates the incentive to buy, at a cost

                                -  QwickP2P and QwickPic supply the discounts that creates the incentive to buy.


QwickP2P Mobile
    UDC                UDC Symbol    
Money in Commerce is being reinvented for the 21st Century

UDC operates between all fiat currencies, that allows it to always be compared and seamlessly exchanged with a fiat currency in real time, this gives UDC the ability to be exchanged within any country as easily as spending the local fiat currency during commerce,

-  UDC is universally distributed trading cash that's exchanged between Buyers and Sellers using a mobile or desktop, free of any fees  -  just as cash is physically exchanged between local Buyers and Sellers, free of any fees.

All exchange payments between Buyers and Sellers are tracked and recorded in real time on the Global Productivity Grid.


QwickP2P  -  Pay Here brings forward the future of Digital Capital and Digital Payments with a Platform that solves global inequality and global debt with a Payment System that's ubiquitous and free  -  it's built to drive global productivity using everyday commerce.

It can be used to buy groceries, fuel, cinema tickets, airline tickets  -  at hotels, restaurants, anywhere that cash or cards are accepted

-  each time that it's used the Seller is assured of the full payment without any fees and the Buyer or Spender has the option of selecting the QwickP2P Deals account to get the automatic discount of around 80% off the purchase, without it affecting the Seller.

As an example:  a Seller at a brick and mortar store could list a range or have all their inventory on the platform listed at full prices

-  a local Buyer sees the QwickP2P  -  Pay Here in the window as they walk past the store and decides to login to see what's available

-  Buyers can enter the store and select what items they want, and then proceed to the check-out, it can be done fully online as well

-  the Buyer can either list items as they're collected off the shelf and add them to their Seller's Cart while on their mobile

-  at the check-out the Seller only needs to check the items in the basket while viewing their QwickP2P Seller's Console to verify, and then proceed to accept the sale, everything is automatically exchanged, just as if cash was handed over at the register.

A Buyer's QwickP2P account has two balances, one holds the full value of the QwickP2P Deals that the Buyer has won and collected, and the second balance holds the discounted value paid to win those Deals,

QwickP2P can be used for all types of products and services even to pay for a taxi    QUIK-Ride

Maybe just a simple payment at the local store that offers the QwickP2P  -  Pay Here   QwickP2P

-  the amount of the purchase is based on the full prices with the discount balance reducing accordingly.

-  the full price is debited from the Buyer's account holding the full value balance and debited from the discounted balance immediately the Seller 'accepts' the sale, with both Buyer and Seller accounts being updated in real time.

The Seller's QwickP2P Payment is then able to be liquidated by using Pay It Forward, Now!.   QwickP2P

The two different QwickP2P accounts, one with the full value of UDC and the second account holding the QwickP2P Deals can be merged so that there's an aggregated discount mixed with the full value that can still provide a varying discount with any purchase.

As with all activity on the Platform there's no tracking or cookies that throw ads about products or services without the Buyer specifically requesting to be Notified of Deals  -  Buyers are free to shop without feeling that they're being watched.

Seller's options

The Seller can list a limited range of products or list a store's inventory at the full prices  -  as Buyers see that the QwickP2P is accepted at the store, the intention to buy increases because of the automatic discount they can use.

With many Sellers there are products and services listed with discounts, so by using QwickP2P the full price that's been listed on the platform is gained by the Seller and not the discounted price that other payment methods use.

As with all payments paid by a Buyer, and, received by a Seller there are no fees charged for either party.

The incentive for Sellers is the real time that payments are received without any fees, and the increased demand that 'low priced' products and services can have when locals start talking about them on Global media.

All businesses can use QwickP2P Payments  -  from groceries and events to doctors and lawyers.

Businesses are able to use QwickP2P as a marketing strategy for new customers by the business using their Queen Bee link as the entry point and gain from the customers' activity, as well as sending QwickAlerts 'silent notifications' from their Our Store.

There has always been the Seller's Dilemma where the Seller doesn't want to cheapen their products or services as it could lead to an expectation from Buyers to wait until there's a sale, this can be more so with luxury items, such as in fashion.

QwickP2P  -  Pay Here solves that with the Seller listing their inventory at the full Selling List Price and so always receiving full prices, without knowing what discount the Buyers are getting.

Buyer's options

For Buyers who want to take advantage of a broader number of Sellers and products they need to compete to win deals that are released.

Each User has an Account for Deals that can be used to collect winning deals, which are uniquely fair and equally available for anyone to compete for - the unique bidding process means that any amount of deals can set to bid for automatically.

Buyers have Cloudfunds to collect as their free working capital by viewing QwickPics and using the Cloudfunds to set the strategies and just leave them to bid automatically if and when it's needed.

The number of QwickP2P Deals released is governed by the volume of products and services listed on the platform by Sellers around the world, the amount of Cloudfunds therefore multiplies to provide Buyers with the free working capital to set strategies.

With the volume of QwickP2P Deals being released Users can build teams to help with the bidding process to help collect the Deals.

As with any payment the Buyer usually knows how much cash is in their wallet or how much is on their card  -  now QwickP2P shows a Buyer how much discount they get, without the Seller even knowing

-  the amount of discount in the QwickP2P account could be from 0% to 80%, it's up to the Buyer to set their strategy.

QwickP2P Deals have benefits like when out at a restaurant with friends and it's time to pay the bill
-  QwickP2P Deals can be used by one of the group to pay the bill and split the amount, then or later   QUIK-Ride   -  the payer gets the benefit of receiving the full bill payment split from the rest of the group and becomes a Hero without anyone knowing.

QwickP2P Deals are not transferable.

How to gain the best 'Buying Power'

QwickP2P Deals are open for all registered Account holders to compete to win Deals, there can be strategies using friends and family as teams to help win deals.

Users all have the option to earn Cloudfunds and use them to set strategies in as many Deals as they can handle.

Here's an example of some Deals during the Lead-up Time when strategies can be changed  -  Deals can be set up and left to run.
Any Deals that are won can be converted over to the QwickP2P - Pay Here account ready to spend at the local store or online.

Businesses and Brands now become a value added asset to the New Scalable Digital Economy by supplying the products and services, which are validated as Free Economic Value  -  part of the solution in driving productivity forward in the Global Markets.

                                                             Turn Back The Clock

Supply is the important beginning of the productivity cycle, so it's more logical to smooth the path for businesses and brands so they can be a regular part of the Digital Era, and not always be relied on as the 'cash cows' to keep the lights on.

The use of Cloudfunds to set strategies is key to leveling the various economic circumstances that exist between the various locations of the Global Crowd - the free Cloudfunds is true money that's used as a financial tool to increase demand.

Cloudfunds is the free working capital that drives demand  -  it collaborates with UDC, the digital cash trading currency used to buy products and services.

New Scalable Digital Economy

The infrastructure of the New Economy has been built around the individual with a basic mobile phone, aided with the tools to be an equal part of the Digital Era and the global economy, no matter where they are located in the world.

The New Economy will sit primarily on the mobile ( and desktop ) and be assessable wherever an individual is located, it will be assessable to all the main utilities a person uses to conduct their lives, it will create an environment where earning in the New Economy will be much more in line with a frictionless balance with a person's 'wealth value', and the cost of their 'standard of living'.

Most countries will miss the transition or totally underestimate the Digital Economy's impact, which's why ComTechX took the steps to develop what was then the unknown future blueprint of how a Digital Economy would be structured.

All countries have their own agenda to look after the interests of their people, the New Economy sits in between all countries as a neutral software based entity, it's evolving into the Global Trust entity with a mandate to secure the individual Ownership of digital cash for all global citizens, it's an entity that as a not for profit NGO service is able to monitor all activity from a neutral position.

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?

QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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