DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
Collaborative Industries
new capital flows     -     free monetization of local SMEs is key     -     there's a new narrative     -     a totally new economic alliance of local communities

Cloudfunding captures the economic value in local economies to generate a new Main Street model
Cloudfunding taps Main Street's local inventories and captures the economic value that sits idle while products wait to be sold, and propels this capital value out to a
decentralized people's network ( internet users )  -  where it's incentivized to drive local productivity using democratic processes that monetize the local product and
service inventories at full selling prices using deep tracking algorithms, which captures global aggregate demand and recycles its collective value back to monetize
new local inventory ready to be sold, all prior to releasing deals to local buyers  -  it provides the governance and intrinsic value for an international unit of account,
similar to the old Gold Standard by having a neutral and stable means of exchange to facilitate commerce between local economies  -  it's in local economies where
demand is incentivized with cascading buying prices, and where users decide what real-time demand really is with what prices they pay  -  all without hindering the
seller's full selling prices, or involving credit, or relying on rent-seekers, which means sellers can finally avoid the debt cycles and the increasing booms and busts.
Economic Distribution Layout
.  .  Main Street inventory is the internet's collateral that can now be commoditized as new capital flows
.  .  free digital capital flows are distributed to global users to stimulate productivity in local economies
Cloudfunding re-engineers aggregate demand to trigger the stimulation of local productivity, making supply more profitable and demand more affordable

.  .  it taps the economic value of local seller inventories to generate new Capital flows that incentivizes the global crowd to generate local productivity

.  .  it's no longer about incumbents selling money, technology has provided a perfect environment to change how Commerce works in the new economy
.  .  decentralized local economical markets can take over from centrally controlled financial markets
.  .  adds a new dimension to Commerce with the global exchange of ownership across local economies
.  .  local economic value is 'the new electricity' linking local economies with new Capital flowing ubiquitously along a global public economic utility network

.  .  it's governed and validated at a local level as an international trading unit of account to sell local products and services  .  .  even cars and houses!

.  .  its deleveraging tools support sellers with full selling prices, without discounting, but still gives buyers the way to pay down to 20% of full selling prices
.  .  re-inventing the way SME 'cashflows' work in the new economy
Supply      New Rails of Trade      Demand
. . it all comes down to local demand!
Local Demand
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       Listing inventory is free                     Crowd Consensus                 Guaranteed full selling prices            Cascading buying prices               Liquidity Seller / Buyer      
Shopping                THE PLATFORM

               ComTechX is a global economic trade exchange platform designed with

               an economic infrastructure that sits above B2B & B2C marketplaces.

               -  it creates the environment that monetizes the economic values in local

               inventories, so sellers sustain profitability and buyers gain affordability.

. . changing the status quo comes from the bottom up!
Commerce and Technology are merged on a scalable platform where buying and selling of products and services remains within the Commerce environment

.  .  the economic value of inventories is entrenched in local economies, it's the intrinsic value of local production and manufacturing moving along the supply chains 

.  .  it's this untapped and unlimited resource that the global economic utility network links local economies, where trade moves along unencumbered by third parties

.  .  it has an infinite loop with a recycling mechanism using the aggregate demand of global productivity to stimulate local productivity, spreading economic growth

.  .  Cloudfunding flips around the internet's obsession with sucking personal data in exchange for giving free services as a leverage, users are no longer the product

.  .  shifts Productivity to lead catalyst  -  stimulating local economies
.  .  it reverse-engineers Commerce's dynamics, enabling the economic value of inventories to be collected and owned by users as a global economic trading capital

.  .  its ownership is exchanged between local economies without holding or transferring any sovereign currencies across borders, it only needs to compare values

.  .  its ubiquitous exchange of local economic ownership is free of incumbents and fees, giving users a new era in linking supply with demand without credit and debt

.  .  its liquidity comes where the world has traditionally exchanged products for payment, in cash sales at local sellers, raising the velocity of local cash and productivity
.  .  internet's economic infrastructure now has its own economic capital
.  .  unlike sovereign fiat currencies, it's value is governed by real products and services and globally tracked down to 14 decimal points to secure real time validation

.  .  traditional cash commerce is now fully digital, and built to operate Online without fees or spreads, eliminating the banking legacy systems and rent-seeker costs


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  Free for sellers to list inventory

No more marketplace commissions,
marketing costs or payment fees.
Guaranteed to sell at full selling prices
Global users control Productivity

Users now have a position of power,
in helping to monetize Productivity
across local economies, and get paid
Free for buyers, no memberships

Just search for items and Activate
and watch buying prices cascade down,
then buy at prices you want to pay.

Cloudfunding brings Automated Selling to Main Street

Any local product or service that can be quantified and priced has an economic value that can now be
commoditized  .  .  local seller inventories can now be fully monetized by outsourcing the selling to the global
users  .  .  users are no longer treated as the 'product' but as the 'beneficiary' .  .  with sellers bypassing incumbents
to gain guaranteed full selling prices  .  .  and buyers able to buy at prices they want to pay, as buying prices cascade down
Cloudfunding closes the gap from when a seller is ready to sell to when a buyer is ready to buy!
A new era in SME Funding
Cloudfunding  .  .  .  Localization
.  .  it fills the internet's missing economic infrastructure void with its own ubiquitous economic capital linking O2O worlds!

.  .  it focuses on stimulating local productivity and sharing economic growth between economies, equitably and globally!

.  .  it moves beyond the centrally controlled currencies to bring decentralized economic power to local communities!

.  .  it shifts productivity forward as the leading catalyst by tapping the intrinsic economic value sitting in local economies!

.  .  it separates direct cross border value-added commerce from the financial system's speculative rent-seeking system!

.  .  it solves what's now the norm of discounting supply to incentivize demand, when all it does is erode the local economy!

.  .  it changes the shareholder's model to economic equity ownership of local economic growth and wealth, without discrimination!

.  .  it raises all boats by directing free foreign digital capital into local economies, giving locals affordable buying prices!
Outsourced Selling  .  .  can impact local Productivity this Century
like Outsourced Manufacturing did in the 20th Century.

Social Demand  .  .  individuals can now have a greater influence
on issues that impact the broader community.
New level of trust

Privacy is set as the cornerstone of the platform where users can
build out their own space across a network that treats individuals
as the new 'beneficiaries' of the internet  -  not the 'product'.

Subliminal Advertising

Users only need to download the free app to start collecting the
free digital capital while connecting with friends, family and even
businesses  -  without being distracted or tracked by advertisers.
            Social Demand
Cloudfunding challenges the status-quo
Economic Distribution
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