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Check-In Wall
Great Check-In Wall
The Check-In Wall shows products that businesses want to sell
    What happens when you Check-In?   How to get Check-Ins working for your business  
  Each Check-In Wall image or buttons lead to products that could be available in your area Arrow Use Check-In ads to market and sell your products locally or globally  
  Arrow Each Check-In can earn you a percentage of a business's marketing budget when you are in their trading location Arrow If you have a website add a Check-In panel and earn from other businesses  
  Arrow You can even earn when you click Check-In buttons on a business's website   Check-In Arrow Add a Check-In button directly on your website's product pages  
Arrow Check-In buttons can lead to products or services either on the Open Market or in the Upcoming LA Deal Prices
Arrow A web page could show only the Check-In button or an
image panel displaying several amounts of images
  Arrow The various sizes of Check-In Wall images can vary in the size of bids set by businesses Arrow Check-In buttons can be added to your website and to all products in the product listings  
  Arrow Check-In buttons lead to the "Give the Sign" link that allows you to send alert to your levels
                                      Give the Sign
Arrow A business can pick which products they want to display on the Check-In Walls  
  Arrow When users on your levels respond to the alerts that's when you earn multiple times more Arrow Use the 'Give the Sign' option to expose images on website Check-In panels & Check-In Walls  
  Arrow Buy products and services directly from the business with your BataCredit account funds Arrow Get immediate payments from buyers with a fully built-in payment process  
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